10 Ways To Be Comfortable And Stylish At The Same Time

Casual style is defined with 3 words: comfort normcore functionality (unpretentious). Here are some fashion tips for an impeccable casual style. What for a long time was confined to gym fashion has for some time become a fashion trend in its own right: Fashion in the Athleisure Trend The word Athleisure is made up of the English words Athletic and Leisure. However, this trend has nothing to do with outdated leisure wear – quite the contrary.

Athleisure refers to functional clothing which is no longer (only) used for sports activities, but which is also worn during leisure time. The Athleisure fashion trend offers you as a customer and your wardrobe a combination of three things: First, a pleasant wearing feeling and the comfort of sportswear. Second, a garment that matches the trend.

And third, the use of high-tech fibers. It starts with the simple water repellent coating and goes all the way to the fluorescent stripes of the garment. This combination of relaxation, fashion and modernity makes this trend a unique phenomenon. This cozy style has something to suit all tastes, but also all needs.

How to be elegant everyday

Have you ever wondered what are the secrets that fashionable women keep to themselves? Would you like to be one of these women? Well then you are in luck because this post will introduce you to 10 tips that will help you look stylish every day.

Be prepared

If you think it’s hard to be fashionable then you are wrong. Putting together a look in relatively less time and thought will be quite obvious. The best way to avoid this or potentially embarrassing situation would be to be prepared. Invest a little time each night and choose an outfit. This way, you won’t have to rush in the morning or worry about your appearance.

Look for inspiration

Know this, half your battle is won if you seek inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion blogs can be a great source of information. So you will know what is hot and what is not. If you are not very confident about how to dress or style your hair, this option may be perfect for you. She will point you in the right direction and definitely stylish.

Dress for the weather

If possible, check the weather report before you leave your home. It will help you stay prepared and dress accordingly. In rainy weather, avoid wearing white and materials that take a long time to dry, in case you get wet, and don’t forget your umbrella. Plan to wear comfortable shoes that will help you walk quickly or even run rather than heels.

It suits me

Well we all know what looks good on us! In this regard, never compromise by wearing something that you are not completely comfortable in. It’s not just about the clothes, but also your self-confidence. For a comfortable and chic outfit at the same time see the wrap dress. So always aim to wear what looks good on you and don’t be afraid to experiment and keep up with fashion trends.

Aim to look chic

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean wearing only designer clothes. There are many other things to do. Even if you wear a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, you can look chic, right? Yes, this is because you can create a chic look by using the right accessories which can add more polish to your look.

Select the perfect accessories

When it comes to accessories, sometimes we all go a little bit over the top because we love to show off what we have. Coco Chanel once said: “When you accessorize, always take off the last thing you put on. This advice proves that too much isn’t always too good. Always keep in mind that accessories should complement your outfit.

Keep the opportunity in mind

If you really observe the most stylish women around, then you will find that they are dressed for the occasion. Their look is appropriate and polished keeping in mind the dress code of a business or organization. If in doubt, ask someone what the dress code is so you dress accordingly. Always keep the occasion in mind and you will never go wrong.

Appropriate inner clothing

One of the most important things to remember in order to look stylish on a daily basis is to wear the right interior clothes. This is because it has a big impact on the final look. For example, using light-colored inner clothes for light-colored tops is a rule of thumb that must be followed, embellished with a nice hair scarf and voila!. In case, you want to tuck in your tummy, you can wear appropriately shaped clothes, otherwise the result will not be very lady like!

Classics still in vogue

No matter what anyone says, the classics will always be classics. So you can trust them. Let detractors say anything but don’t pay too much attention. This way, you will have a hell of a wardrobe that you can be proud of. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about getting a new outfit every time an event pops up out of nowhere.

Find your own style

The hallmark of a stylish woman is that she is aware of all the latest trends but does not follow them blindly. She has her own sense of style that she relies on. As we said above, it is mostly a matter of trust. Believe in yourself and trust the fashionista in you.

What is the Casual style and how to get it

The casual style was mainly influenced by sportswear in the late 19th century. Although the sport was considered low-class, over time its health benefits became clear and fashion adapted to the need to wear comfortable clothes to practice it.

How to create a casual look

Now that we know everything about its origins, we can say that the casual style is entirely inspired by sports, work and military garments that stand out for their versatility, functionality and comfort. There is no distinction between men and women, who choose casual clothing in search of informality and comfort, without sacrificing style. How to get it? Easy! Here are some fashion tips for an impeccable casual style.

●With the casual style, we don’t want to stand out, we know we have a personality but we don’t necessarily have to try it at all costs, we opt for the basic: t-shirts, slightly oversized shirts, and jeans, for every season of the year. Sweaters, cardigans, bombers and parkas for a more winter casual look.

●As for the color palette, choose shades that can be easily combined with each other, especially neutral ones: white, gray, blue, black but also garnet, bottle green or khaki, earth colored …

●The casual style has little use of print and prints.

●It highlights the softness and adaptability to the body and the movement of its fabrics. Above all, sweater and denim.

●Shoes are everything! It is not a quote from the movie Sex and the City but the key to achieving the perfect casual style with ease. You can wear jeans and a sweatshirt but if you choose to wear a pair of ankle boots, you will lose that informal air you were aiming for. Comfort and effortless are the cardinal characteristics of this style. But comfort doesn’t just mean sneakers, but also flip flops, moccasins, military boots, mules.

Casual style clothing and accessories

Casual pants and jeans

They go well in all its color and pattern variations. From black to dark indigo, from fit to skinny to mom… you can indulge yourself!

Tops and blouses for an informal look

Fluid and light fabric tops, tank tops, bodies, basic t-shirts, with writing, plain or striped; rounded or V-shaped necklines. Remember that the more basic and versatile the dresses are, the more matching options will be!

Casual look dresses and skirts

Fluid and straight skirts, up to below the knees or midi, slightly flared or wrap, maxi. The mix of fabrics and cut are the elements that distinguish this type of look. One-color dresses or with mini prints. The fabric and the pattern must be simple and sporty. Shirts, lingerie, even boho (the latter is a perfect style to combine with casual, especially in summer).

Overcoats for a casual look

Bomber, military parkas, denim jacket. If the model is large or slightly oversized, we will enhance the style with that casual touch that highlights the silhouette. Volume is a key point in this style.

Casual look for spring-summer

With the arrival of the beautiful days, even the casual look is lightened and prepares for new outdoor adventures. Create looks suitable for the city but also for trips out of town, picnics and long walks. Jeans, short or long, skirts and midi dresses with fluid fabrics, t-shirts and lingerie tops and don’t forget your shoes, trainers or flip-flops or flat sandals. For overcoats, opt for a denim jacket or a light, current and trendy bomber jacket.

Casual look for fall winter

Warmth and comfort are what we are looking for during the winter and the casual style can only facilitate our goal. The perfect match for every day is undoubtedly the combination of sweater / cardigan and a pair of jeans. Complete your look with a winter parka, trainers or comfortable ankle boots.

Casual style icons

Being so popular and so comfortable it’s not easy to find famous people pioneering casual style, but let’s try some examples of female celebrities to draw inspiration from:

●Dakota Johnson: wears the casual style in its essence adapting it to the trends of the moment, showing personality.

●Katie Holmes: transforms everything she touches into casual chic, selecting different style garments, combining interesting accessories, wearing hair tied or loose and without makeup, always aiming for naturalness.

Mila Kunis: Her only intention is to feel comfortable but with intelligence and style.

●Chiara Biasi: the Italian fashion blogger elevates the casual style with smart and chic combinations.

7 tips to stay stylish even at home!

If we want to gain confidence and learn to love ourselves, we must also give ourselves the means and make a minimum of effort, even at home;). Here are some simple tips for staying stylish at home.

Realize that elegance always starts in private

You cannot cultivate elegance outdoors if you are not able to develop it first at home and for yourself. Your home is your sanctuary of elegance and you are the queen of this sacred place. So if you do decide to spend the day relaxing at home, be worthy of your sanctuary and relax as gracefully as possible.

Stop saying to yourself: “I don’t care, I don’t see anyone today”

With this sentence, you seek to relieve yourself of the horrors that you are going to put on your back and you self-justify not having to comb your hair, nor to make up you. This bad excuse should be banished from your thoughts. There is no day when you do not see anyone… You see yourself YOU and he is just the most important person!

No longer keep your old rags

Telling yourself that they are ideal for days spent at home. Clear your closet! You authorize a single faded outfit but it must be exclusively reserved for cleaning and work. For the rest, find yourself a comfortable outfit (but not neglected) in which you find yourself pretty, style your hair and add a bit of mascara. And if you feel like cooking, put on a nice apron!

Own aesthetic and quality homewear

Say goodbye to old, worn pajamas and grandma’s old dressing gown. Opt for silk and lace. Having a beautiful pajamas or a beautiful nightie is good for self-esteem and it helps your life as a couple! Think of late breakfasts on Sunday mornings or relaxing evenings in front of a good movie. Feeling pretty and feminine makes these moments even more exquisite.

Don’t stay in your pajamas after your breakfast

And in addition, it very often leads to a real drop in morale! To stay elegant at home, you must first take off your pajamas and take a good shower to feel fresh and positive!

When you dress, opt for a simple and comfortable outfit but with a very good outfit

Being elegant does not necessarily mean being “dressed to the nines”. Simply forget about jogging, leggings, terrycloth pants, comforter outfit, XXL sweater and everything akin to what I call “mop mode”. If you engage the mop mode, you will waste your day lying around on the couch for hours, ‘larping’, munching on anything throughout the day instead of actually savoring your free time at the height of the wealth that he represents. Likewise, if you have to work at home, you can be sure that if you engage this mop mode, you will lose all efficiency and you will have very little progress at the end of the day. There are different types of fashion styles and you can try every one of them.

Put on your pajamas after dinner, not before

End your day in style by staying well dressed for the meal because it is certainly the most important of the day. You find the people you love: they deserve to see you shine much more than clients or coworkers! This allows you to maintain confidence and dynamism to exchange with your spouse, your children or your relatives.

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