How To Find Your Own Personal Style: Steps And Tips

Rule number one: be stylish. From morning to evening, with casual and elegant garments. Yes, but how to do it? First of all, ban the negative idea that “too much importance is given to appearance and little to substance”. Rule number two: take care of your physical appearance.

Clothes, hairstyle, makeup help you to create your style, also because they are the winning cards to strengthen your image and consequently your personality. But not only. Even your state of mind, what you really like and what excites you instead.

How important is your style? A lot, if you take into account that it represents who you are and your way of life. For this reason it has to do with everyone and not just with fashionistas.

On the other hand, Andy, the intern of the film The devil wears Prada, also remembers it. He prided himself on not being swayed by trends. Actually Andy has a style, and how. The reason? We all have one. Indeed, the declaration of “non-style” is a style in itself.

What is style?

These are all the characteristics that allow you to identify a person. In fashion it is the set of elements that defines the way of dressing, and it is not limited only to the preference of colors, garments and accessories. On the contrary: the style tells a lot about you. Your character!

So what’s the real problem? Adopt your style by following – not always and not too much – current trends. Yes, because the message you want to send to others, to the whole world, is important. And this also explains why you often find yourself in front of the wardrobe in a vain attempt to match the garments and accessories in the right way.

If you still haven’t found your style and you would like to feel good and comfortable with what you wear, here are some tips to free your true self and understand once and for all which style suits you best.

How to find your style in 10 easy steps

When it comes to clothes, talking about “finding a style” means something very specific. Looking for a style means going a step beyond the simple change of look. It is a question of creating, with the ensemble of your clothes, an aesthetic that is recognizable, whether you are talking about individual style, or whether you intend it in a broader way, within some “group”. There are many and different styles from which you can choose but, first of all, you need to know what you like and what will suit you well.

Analyze your wardrobe

Try to understand what your current style is. Select the items that make you feel comfortable, from a simple walk to work for example. Then look at the clothes (and accessories, of course!) You have chosen and try to understand why you like them. How do they make you feel? What impression do you have of yourself? Make a note on your to-do-list: you have to define the basics to have the perfect style. You can also be inspired by movies and iconic looks which will always be remembered.

Focus on what enhances you

From the colors that suit you best (which go well with your complexion, to the color of your hair and eyes), but also your body (pear, trapezium, curvy, etc.) ). You have to enhance your strengths and minimize flaws.

Compare yourself with others

Talk to your friends, for example, to understand through their eyes your way of bringing to other people. And your style, of course. It is not always easy to have an objective opinion of oneself. But it is a fundamental rule to always be stylish.

Find out what your body shape is

The first move you need to make to find your personal style is to figure out which body shape you belong to and which silhouettes look best on you. Give yourself a few more minutes every day in front of the mirror to study yourself with different outfits.

Choose the colors that give you the most

In addition to your body shape, it’s important to identify which colors really match your complexion. Even if you’re obsessed with neon or pastel colors, they don’t necessarily work great on you. Dig deeper into the magic color wheel to find the shade that best suits you and your personality.

Invest in garments you will really wear

There’s no point in hunting that fluffy dress dreaming of Hollywood when you’re a tomboy with attributes like Ruby Rose inside. Better to focus on the pieces that you will really love to wear almost every day so as not to feel guilty in front of your wardrobe full of clothes you do not recognize yourself in.

Refine your taste with moodboards

Setting aside images of looks you like helps you find your personal style. Create moodboards starting from Pinterest or Instagram, collecting the outfits that strike you most and in which you can easily project yourself. When you have at least 30 images, try to print and paste them: they will be inspiring every time you find them hanging in the internal door of the wardrobe.

Make a list of what you would not even wear under torture

If all the most influential bloggers in the world also wear the same faded Gucci shirt, you don’t necessarily have to do the same. (Indeed, ed). Go through your wardrobe to get rid of those timeless pieces that no longer make you feel beautiful and comfortable or that you inherited for obscure reasons.

Create your uniform

But don’t panic: the term uniform does not indicate an aesthetic prison where you can remain motionless every day of your existence, but rather a brilliant and winning scheme with which to mix the basic pieces of your wardrobe easily. Skinny pants and crop top or pleated skirt and sneakers?

Every 6 months detox your wardrobe

Did you know that the perfect number of garments in a dynamic and performing wardrobe is around 50 pieces? Here, based on this direct information, proceed accordingly. Every 6 months give your closet a clean detox with no holds barred (and guilt). PS You will thank us.

How to understand what your clothing style is for you?

Before going into the details of the main styles of clothing, take a moment to answer these questions honestly: they will serve as a guide to understand which of the styles we will see really reflects you. Ask yourself:

●Which adjectives best describe the way you dress?

●What are the most recurring items of clothing in your outfits?

●Which colors do you like to wear most (or would you like to wear more!)?

●Which style icon would you steal the entire wardrobe from?

●Which stores do you shop in most often, what style do they reflect?

●Which garment do you own in different colors?

●Do you prefer to wear classic clothes or do you attract the latest trends?

●What garments or accessories have you always dreamed of having?

There is no ONE style of clothing!

Truly monogamous single-style people, who never break the pattern, are rare. Finding your style doesn’t necessarily mean finding only ONE style or copy one style from celebrities, for example, the style of Jennifer Aniston! As a rule, your style is a mix: this is good, because it means not adopting a passive approach to fashion, but interpreting it and adapting it to your life and needs. Only in this way can your style resemble you. For example, I realize that I feel very bad with sports clothes. Because? Simple, they don’t represent me at all!

Minimal style

It corresponds to basic clothing: it is the style of those who love to wear few and always neutral colors, on very essential garments, with tailored cuts and absolutely no frills. Few accessories, structured and classic bags, shoes with clean lines. Prints are almost banned.

Boohoo style

If you love to dress ethnic, wearing flared pants, fringed garments and natural fabrics, this could be your style. Patterns and colors are wasted for those who love this style of clothing, certainly easier to wear in summer, including hair and straw bags and long skirts. In winter it translates into maxi cardigans, vests, camperos, wool hair with a wide brim. The colors to prefer are the warmest and typically autumnal ones, so before considering this style make sure they are shades suitable for your palette! Boohoo dresses are one of the most beautiful summer dresses which you can wear.

Elegant / Bon Ton style

It is a style of clothing to consider if you want to look more refined and feminine, with class. What to wear? They are ok pencil skirts and full skirts, never too short; dresses and sheath dresses, cardigans with buttons, palazzo pants. Jeans are not banned, however they are not among the primary garments: match them with the right shoe, for example a slingback or a sandal. On the other hand, all kinds of excesses, from transparencies, to necklines, are definitely avoidable. The watchword of this style is sobriety and class and therefore all garments that risk giving you a little fine tone should be avoided.

Vintage / Hipster style

If you often wear jeans (and you love that they are lived in!), Soft blouses, sweaters, t-shirts with prints, rather than floral dresses and garments with a little retro taste, this style of clothing could be for you. Perfect if you are in high school or university, while the advice is to make it more adult if you are over 28 and have to relate to formal work environments.

Romantic style

If your mood is a little princess, you could see yourself in this style again! The romantic clothing style is made of pastel shades that recall spring, ton-sur-ton combinations and floral and polka dot prints. It includes skirts in tulle, flounces and garments in lace or macramé. It is a type of clothing in which it is best not to overdo it, as it is easy to end up being out of place!

Preppy style

More than a style of clothing, it is a lifestyle. It can be translated as “collegiate” and “good girl” and is apt to define you if you often wear polo shirts, tight-fitting sweaters, suits and moccasins and comfortable heels. It’s a bit like Blair’s style before he went to college and that’s why it undoubtedly includes headbands and ribbons in his hair.

Glam clothing style

If we mentioned Blair before, here we could very well mention Serena from Tv Series, Gossip Girl, to understand what is meant by glamorous clothing style! We are talking about a very stylish, fashionable way of dressing, but more of those who dictate fashion rather than simply follow it. If you’re feeling a bit of a trend hunter and everyone is always asking you where you got what you’re wearing, this style might be the one that comes closest to yours! What does it foresee? Elegant, chic and trendy clothes; mini dress, jewels that stand out (but without being tacky!), high heels, maybe an IT bag . But don’t forget that most of all having a glamorous style means having class and elegance not only in clothes but also in ways! Sickness and boorishness are to be left outside the door.

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