10 Tips For Learning Magic: Easy Magic Tricks

Whether you want to learn magic to entertain friends and family, or to become a stage and screen star, following these beginner tips will help you become the magician you want to be.

Learn how to do a few tricks well. It is enough to master a card trick or a few coin tricks that you can perform repeatedly to put on magic shows. Doing 15 laps in an unconvincing fashion is useless.

Practice, practice, practice. Whether you learn easy magic tricks with a rubber band as a hobby or commit to becoming a professional magician with elaborate stunts, practice is essential. Regardless of your level, performing tricks will be difficult and tricky at first, but it will get easier and easier over time.

10 tips for learning magic

Trying to learn magic but it doesn’t work for you? Every time you present, do you get slapped or spit on you? Looking for some tips to help you learn magic a little faster? In this article, we’ll take a look at ten tips that will help any newbie to card magic – or even those just starting to learn magic in general.

Only work one or two turns at a time

I know a lot of people who decide to learn magic and start right off by going to see the explanation of a trick. They then work this lathe for ten or twenty minutes. They will then see the explanation of another round, with which they play 20 more minutes… And they do the same thing over and over again. The result is that they learn chain resolutions but never really work their magic. We all know that magic is not just about technique. Magic is the art of creating an illusion.

Find a tour at your level

The choice of which tricks you are going to learn to get started is going to be crucial. There are some extremely powerful effects that don’t require any magical manipulation, like “My Favorite Card”or” Order and Chaos.” These kinds of card tricks are called “automatic” tricks. An automatic card trick will allow you to start presenting powerful effects while starting to work on your presentation: that is to say your sales pitch, and the good management of your spectators.

Work Your Magic A Little Every Day

I can personally be very obsessive when I learn something new… When I first started learning card manipulation, I constantly had a pack of cards in my hand… Even at work. But for those who do not want to destroy their social and professional life to learn magic, 20 or 30 minutes every day of working their tricks alone at their desk in front of a mirror will be more than enough.

Don’t work in silence

If you can manage their attention and timing well, even if your handling isn’t perfect… They won’t see it. If you make your spectator look you in the eye, they won’t be able to see your hands cutting the package. The sales pitch is just the perfect tool that allows you to direct the attention of your spectators more easily, to give you the time necessary to execute your magic manipulations. So when you work in front of your mirror, don’t limit yourself to practicing the card trick techniques. Recite your sales pitch at the same time.

Slow down

Many beginners who are starting to learn magic tend to speed up their movements when performing magic manipulation. Perhaps it is believed that performing a covert manipulation quickly will make it less likely for viewers to notice it. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. If the magician’s movements speed up, it may make your viewers suspicious. “What did he just do there?” He did something weird with the cards! “

Avoid unnecessary movements

The general rule is: Anything that doesn’t add to the trick should be removed from your presentation. Parasitic movements don’t help cover up anything, and only make your viewers suspicious. Again, even if your spectator doesn’t know exactly what you are doing with your cards, if they see movements that are not relevant… They will think you just did something weird. with the cards. If they think you did something with the package, then they will be less surprised that something magical just happened.

Make sure everything is smooth

Before even presenting to anyone, make sure your turn is smooth. Make sure you know where your viewer’s attention is naturally directed throughout your presentation. Use your sales pitch to create moments of relaxation, where they will tend to look you directly in the eye rather than looking at your bundle. Once you’ve thought about these things, make sure you can present your trick while “reciting” your sales pitch without bumping into words, or having to look at your hands to perform your moves.

Find a test person

This “test person” is a trusted person to whom you can present any new tricks you have just learned. This person should be able to be sincere enough to let you know if something is wrong. The goal is not for her to reassure you by telling you that everything is perfect if it is not. Her goal is to tell you clearly what she liked and what needs to be worked on in front of the mirror. You can find a person, for example at your Halloween party, and practice on him/her. This way you can find confidence in your magic tricks.

Go for it!

Here! You have spent hours working your card trick in front of your mirror, you now know your sales pitch by heart and you were able to polish your trick thanks to the introductions made to your test person.

It is normal to have a little stage fright at the beginning… But we have less stage fright when we are sure that our tours are clean and well thought out. So get started!

Top 9 tutorials for learning magic tricks

If you want to start learning magic. That you are a beginner, and you are looking for a catalog of tricks, with easy to reproduce tutorials. And again, that you are ready to order some magic materials, in order to be able to start in the illusion, here are the best tutorials in order to learn magic tricks:


We know that a magician must not reveal his secrets, yet it is necessary that a certain number of people know the mysteries to impress and cheer the public. This completely free site is perhaps the best place to start, sharpening your finger dexterity and learning how to captivate your audience.

There are more than a hundred magic tricks published by different experienced magicians. A good half concerns card tricks but there are also more original things like an accessible introduction to mentalism, tricks involving new technologies or even techniques to make objects disappear in a spectacular way. The explanations include a written part, structured in such a way as to be easily understandable, as well as a video demonstration, very useful for those who need to visualize things in order to assimilate them. There is also, subject to funding, of course more complete, useful once assimilated bases.


This is certainly one of the most comprehensive sites for learning card tricks – it features over sixty of them. The interface of the site is excellent, the different categories making it possible to find almost immediately the type of conjuring sought. The eponymous site belongs to the renowned magician Duraty, who sells his creations there. Note that there is also advice to amuse the public, a fundamental dimension in many magicians, and more theoretical aspects trying to define the reason and meaning of this practice.

Card magic trick

As the name suggests, this site only includes card tricks. It presents clear and concise explanations, ordered in airy paragraphs. In addition to the written instructions, there are also video tutorials that can be very useful in case of hesitation about the meaning of a written instruction. In addition to the towers themselves, the site offers judicious choices of cards and other accessories to get depending on your level and age. Card magic tricks can be a fun thing to do at a sleepover and practice your technique.

Learn Magic Free

In particular, this site offers around forty free magic tricks to gradually learn. Presenting card tricks, magic with accessories like the famous trick of the pierced banknote or disappearances of objects like the simple but effective disappearance then reappearance of a coin by concealing it in a sleeve – the revealing of the secret of this trick will not go not constitute a revelation of the most surprising… Once the bases assimilated, there is the possibility to improve oneself and to diversify its services by procuring ebooks presenting more developed tricks.

Magic club

This site had the advantage of organizing magic contests so as to give a very community aspect to its audience, which could thus find motivation in moments of procrastination or doubt. Unfortunately, magic club has not offered it for a long time. But, it remains the most important, that is to say the turns in themselves. They are presented in a fun and concise way in videos.

These allow you to choose the conjures that you would like to achieve in order to impress those around you before buying them. There is also an interview section that allows you to benefit from the testimony of recognized magicians like Bernard Bilis or Gaëtan Bloom.

Magic elites

This site allows above all to hire a magician to decorate an event such as a birthday. But there are also the secrets of basic magic tricks fundamental to start. It is a good option for the very young and the inexperienced. And then, what better way to encourage your child to exercise than to invite a professional to a small party?

Learn magic

Here again, the site is reserved for beginners. There are a few articles there that briefly explain the value of magic and its history. Then, of course, some explanations of card tricks – which we would have liked a little more numerous – through perfectly clear videos. Finally, sound advice on books and boxes are offered according to the expectations and level of the person concerned.

Magic Explained

This is a YouTube channel devoted to magic. There are mainly card tricks, but also some secrets to perform conjuring with objects – such as teleportation or the famous pass-pass cup trick. With 59 turns in all, this chain with clear and long-developed explanations is sufficient in itself to reach a first level towards a more refined practice of magic.

11 easy-to-learn magic tricks

Who has never dreamed of receiving the cheers of an audience stunned by these illusion tricks that you have just successfully performed? To find that you managed to fool everyone with the sheer force of your fairy fingers? Here are some sleight of hand that should hit the nail on the head.

Levitate a smartphone

A very simple magic trick that will amaze the most geeks of your guests!

Pass a pen through a bill without piercing it

Ask a slightly tight-fisted friend to lend you a 5, 10, or 20 euro banknote for your turn. It should be sweating profusely when you are about to pierce it with a stroke of the pen!

Guess the card every time

Become a mentalist with this breathtaking card trick that never fails!

Make a coin disappear

This famous trick which is always intriguing is not so hard to achieve when you are a little bit trained!

Twist a spoon by the thought

A super easy tour that will appear in the eyes of your guests, for a real miracle of telepathy!

Apply a marker to the hand of one of your friends by telepathy

A pretty impressive trick and rather fun to perform since you will be taking one of your guests to contribute.

Give life to a hair elastic

Borrow your friend’s hair tie and show her he’s not devoid of humanity! She’s not going to come back.

Remove the logo of a lighter

With the sole force of your gifted hand, make the Bic logo disappear from this innocent little lighter… An impressive magic trick that should appeal to smokers!

Make a cigarette disappear and reappear

You shouldn’t have any trouble being offered a cigarette in the evening, decreeing that you don’t want to smoke it! With this easy magic trick, your smoking friends will be left speechless.

Pass a ring through a lace

A very impressive magic trick, which has the advantage of being able to be done almost everywhere, by asking one of your friends for a ring and a simple lace. Guaranteed effect!

A magical explosion with milk and cola

We knew the explosive reaction caused by the meeting between a bottle of coke and a dragee of menthos, but not yet that caused by a bottle of milk and another of cola. The recipe is simple: pour a few drops of milk into a small bottle of cola and let stand for about six hours. You will find her unrecognizable! It is a fun thing for adults to do but you have to be careful.

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