How To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be tricky. As Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, ‘In fashion one day you are in and the next day you are out’. For the up-to-date scoop, on which months to watch out for emerging new designers and fashion, and how to spot the latest trends before anyone else, follow these helpful tips and find out which sources to turn to for the hottest in fashion trends.

Are you the type of person who likes to keep up to date with the latest styles and the hottest trends? It’s nice to be the most stylish person in the room. But the problem is, fashion is always changing. And staying up to date with the ever changing trends is not easy. To help you keep up with the trends that are “Hot,” here are some key tips that will come in handy.

Read below and find out how to keep up with fashion trends and be as fashionable as you can.

How to follow fashion trends?

If you’re not one of those rare people who know how to get invited to Fashion week, you’re probably having a hard time finding out about the latest trends! Rest assured, there is a solution for this. There are even plenty of them!

Follow the fashion week

Fashion week is the best time to spot the latest trends. Fashion Week takes place twice a year here in the US in New York, once in the second week of September and once in the second week of February. In the first you will be able to catch the latest Spring / Summer trends and in the second you will be able to glimpse the best Autumn / Winter trends.

It is very difficult to get an invite, but fortunately there are many outlets that broadcast this fashion show content live online for free. Leading fashion influencers and style magazines will also cover these shows in different capacities, so it’s important to follow them during these times.

Subscribe to the best fashion magazines

All major fashion designers post their ads in these magazines and feature their latest products. These magazines always also contain interviews with various fashion designers and their content is very valuable for identifying the latest fashion trends.

Make sure you stock up on top fashion magazines like:

●Vogue: Founded in 1892, Vogue has a long history as an iconic magazine and focuses primarily on the latest in fashion.

●InStyle: InStyle, which boasts a circulation of over 1,810,539, was founded in 1994 and contains a wealth of information on style and fashion trends.

●Harper’s BAZAAR: In print even longer than Vogue, this magazine was born in 1867 and includes the latest perspectives on modern fashion.

●LEI: Originally from France in 1945, Elle is considered the largest fashion magazine in the world with readers in over 60 countries.

●In the magazine: Founded in 1971, this magazine is known for covering the most elite part of the fashion industry.

Buy at Fashion-Forward retailers

If you want to keep up with fashion trends, you need to know where to shop! There are some retailers who always feature the hottest new clothes and their shoppers know exactly which pieces to bring. Even if you don’t plan on buying any of the expensive items you see, you are now knowledgeable about the latest styles and what types of clothes to look for in other places.

Some trendy retailers who are always in step with the trends include:

● The shoppers here are insanely good and you can rest assured that all items sold by this store are on time and current.

● This online store has a large selection of products; but when your selection is made up of exclusives, celeb-approved brands and items purchased only directly from the stylist, can you blame them?

● Around 1924, this is a trendy trust store that has always had the best designers and luxury newcomers featured on its shelves. Buy pieces from the collections of leading designers on the catwalk right away before anyone else at Saks.

● A New York staple, Barneys is known for its super exclusive collections and limited edition pieces. It sins on the trendy side and never disappoints.

● This gem of a website is exploding with the latest trends. Offering new arrivals that rival everyone else, is the place to buy the latest ‘it’ pieces.

● Their shoppers are trained to be your personal shopper, and the clothes are always new and exciting. They hand-pick the best of the best pieces of each season, so you know their styles are in line with or ahead of the trend.

Get inspired by celebrity styles

Pay attention to celebrities and what they are wearing. Often designers gift their pieces to celebrities so they wear them and then the designer gets the recognition. Once the outfit goes viral, bam!, everyone wears and talks about that piece. Some styles of singers, celebrities, models, and fashion influencers to watch out for are:

●Discover the styles of any Victoria’s Secret model, such as: Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara Delivigne, Sara Sampaio, Stella Maxwell and Romee Strijd. These models love fashion and are always photographed according to the latest trends, and are photographed often.

●Right now everyone is also photographing and following the style of the Jenner sisters, the Hadid sisters and Hailey Baldwin. It looks like these young fashionistas aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Rihanna is not afraid to try any fashion trend and wears them all exceptionally well. Designers love to dress her up and she is never seen in the same dress twice.

Victoria Beckham is a pop singer turned fashion designer. She designs incredibly chic dresses, but keeps them all modern and always incorporates the latest trends in her designs. Most of the time she is seen wearing her creations and has a keen eye for styling. Beware of her because nowadays she rarely makes a misstep in fashion.

Watch essential events

There are also some annual events that are essential to watch and photos from to keep up with trends:

●The Grammys: The record industry’s most prestigious award. This is where young and trendy people can be seen both on screen and in the audience. Her pre-show red carpet coverage is not to be missed.

The Met Gala: Dubbed ‘Fashion’s Night Out’, this New York fundraiser invites the best of the best, both designers and influencers, and all media cover and present tonight’s looks. In the world of fashion, this is an important holiday.

●Coachella: This California music and art festival is teeming with celebrities, high society figures, and the like. New trends are always set here and you can be sure to see all of Coachella’s looks on Instagram using the #Coachella hashtag.

●The Billboard Music Awards: These awards are fun and focus on recent emerging talent in the music industry. Everyone wants to be seen at this event and the dresses are outrageously beautiful.

●The Oscars: This film industry event is a classic. Everyone wants to dress sophisticatedly here, but now the envelope is always being pushed. Sheer dresses, plunging necklines, and bodycon suits are all on display on her red carpet, and every designer that matters dresses these celebrities. You can be sure to keep up with the trends as you watch this red carpet.

The 5 Blogs to follow to keep up with trends

Fashion blogs have long been at the center of the media scene when it comes to fashion and trends. In some cases, it can be said that they have even taken over traditional fashion magazines, challenging them on the ground of the ability to dictate trends and influence style.

Young, sexy, always up-to-date, technologically smart, creative, lively: it is thanks to these characteristics that, today, fashion blogs represent one of the best allies for international brands in spreading their identity on a global scale. In recent years, the most successful fashion blogs have become household names, thanks to the latest social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram, where every day we see the perfect integration between bloggers and fashion brands. 

Taking advantage of simple and immediate language, social interaction, lifestyle, fashion brands are increasingly focusing on bloggers and their growing influence, to launch and experiment with new products to be placed on the market.

Aimee Song, interior designer and fashion blogger, is originally from Los Angeles, California. Her style is a mix of chic and bespoke pieces, with a touch of Californian style. He currently has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, and his blog is among the most visited in the world. 2015 was undoubtedly the year of her consecration as one of the most influential bloggers.

Julie Sarinana started her blog in February 2009. At first, it was simply an online diary of her looks and inspirations. Today, however, Julie can count on nearly 3 million followers. He enriches the posts about his looks, fresh and casual,  with images and stories of the long journeys he loves to do often and willingly. He created a personal line of t-shirts, with motivational slogans and mottos.  In addition to writing for her blog, she has collaborated with Glamor, Elle, Teen Vogue.

Chriselle Lim took her first steps in the fashion world as a personal shopper. Now, however, it is among the most followed and listened to among fashion experts on social media. Chriselle’s goal is to encourage, educate and inspire women around the world through positive messages. Since starting her blog, The Chriselle Factor, born in 2011, she has created a substantial portfolio of editorials, ranging on different topics: from fashion in the strict sense to books and celebrities.

Canadian Krystin Lee created Suburban Faux Pas to demonstrate that no matter where you live, dressing up can still be an achievable everyday goal. Her posts blend the elegant style of the city and the more “hipster” of the metropolitan suburbs. Krystin Lee is no stranger to web communication: when she’s not a blogger, she works as a social media strategist in an agency just outside Toronto. Her outfits are characterized by a successful mix of glamorous prints and models, combined with refined jewels. She is definitely one of the bloggers to watch.

Annabelle Fleur’s dream has always been to create a fashion blog. In the end, she succeeded, after a working experience with the designer Elisa Ferare. Annabelle lives, breathes, and dreams of fashion. Her goal is to reach all the people who share her obsession with fashion and who have the courage to dream, just like her. So far, it has reached more than 275,000 followers on Instagram. Annabelle’s style is pure elegance, a mix of  slightly rough cool and feminine accessories. The strong point of his blog are undoubtedly the photos: beautiful and detailed, they would not look out of place at all in a glossy magazine. 

The top 11 fashion influencers to follow

Always at the forefront of the trend, bloggers, YouTubers and fashion Instagrammers have piled up subscribers and caught the eye of brands for a few years. Real phenomena on the net, fashion influencers share their chic, glamorous, street, modern or vintage looks with an aesthetic that is always clean and worked. Nothing is left to chance by these fashion enthusiasts for whom the tricks of social networks no longer hold any secrets.

Doré Guarantee

Blogger, Instagrammer, photographer, illustrator, Garance Doré is certainly the most complete fashion influencer. Since 2006, she has been talking about style and femininity in all simplicity on her Atelier Doré blog. Originally from Marseille, she enjoyed success in Paris before flying to the United States where she extended her influence internationally. Often imitated but never equaled Garance Doré is today one of the most recognized fashion influencers in the world with her more than 700,000 subscribers on Instagram.


400,000 visits per month on her blog, 1 million subscribers on Instagram, Noholita is undoubtedly one of the most popular fashion influencers. Her real name Camille Callen, it was in 2014 that she decided to devote herself fully to her passion: fashion. Since then, she has shared her looks and her shopping tips to the delight of her community. Sometimes street, sometimes relaxed, sometimes glamorous but also chic, Noholita dares everything and sets no limits.

Audrey Lombard

Audrey Lombard has been influencing her subscribers for nearly fifteen years with simple but unique looks that go straight to the point and never leave you indifferent. It must be said that the Parisian does not really have time for too thoughtful styles. Between her two children and her profession as a veterinarian, the watchword is: efficiency. After taking a break in 2012 for personal reasons, Audrey Lombard came back in force and even launched her brand Audrey LBD a year ago. The influencer offers a collection of timeless basics in her image.

Anne-Laure But

Chic, glamorous, natural and a bit sexy, Adenorah, whose real name is Anne-Laure Mais Moreau, is one of the new ambassadors of the Parisian fashion trend. If she is from Réunion, grew up on the Basque coast and made her blogging debut in Bordeaux in 2009, it is in Paris that Adenorah took off and asserted her style. Despite requests from many brands, the neo-Parisienne continues to devote herself to the development of her blog adenorah. where she publishes her looks, tips and addresses. At just 28 years old, she has just launched her own brand, Musier, and is pursuing her dream life. She has 640,000 subscribers on her Instagram account.

June Sixty Five

A true fashion enthusiast and shopaholic from a young age, June Sixty Five likes to take her time to discuss and give valuable advice to her community, which has 500,000 subscribers on her Instagram account. In her blog and on her Youtube channel, Federica presents looks at very affordable prices that reach a wide audience. An accessible influencer who after creating her blog four years ago has just launched her jewelry brand inspired by her travels and the designers she admires.

Lisa Gachet

At just 30 years old, not much seems to stop Lisa Gachet in her many endeavors. Influencer, blogger but above all founder of the Make My Lemonade brand, Lisa Gachet is bursting with creativity. It is not for nothing that she is nicknamed the queen of Do It Yourself. In fact, her universe is essentially based on this philosophy of which she has become the natural ambassador. It offers a different and reasonable fashion far from the codes of fast-fashion. Never satisfied, the young designer continues to undertake and opened her concept store in Paris last October.

Caroline Receiver

Ambassador of major brands like L’Oréal, Bulgari and APM Monaco but also founder of her detox tea brand Wandertea, Caroline Receveur is a real working girl who succeeds in everything. What about his Instagram account which has a little over 4.1 million subscribers. On her blog created in 2014, the influencer shares her daily life and her many passions such as fashion, travel, well-being and sport. You would almost end up thinking that Caroline Receveur’s days last well over 24 hours.


At only 28 years old, Coline is already a pioneer in the world of fashion influencers. Indeed, it is in 2007 that she launched her blog And why not Coline, on which she speaks about subjects which are close to her heart such as food, ecology and of course fashion. Very attached to the happiness of her readers, she puts forward a beauty and a very natural style in a spirit that is always “feel good”. You can also follow his advice on his Youtube channel with 375,000 subscribers.

Alexandra Guerain

It was during her studies in marketing and fashion management at Mod’Art Paris school, that Alexandra decided to create her blog Alex’s Closet in 2012. If she initially saw this as a simple portfolio, the young Parisian quickly saw his influence grow to reach 275,000 subscribers on Instagram. With its looks inspired by hip-hop culture, Alex’s Closet breathes new life into streetwear style with a very feminine approach.

Betty Autier

Like Garance Doré or Audrey Lombard, Betty Autier is one of the first fashion influencers to have embarked on the blog adventure in France. Today, his community is approaching the million on his Instagram account and his blog, which has just had a little makeover, is a success. Very girly and glamorous at first glance, Betty seduces especially by her naturalness, her frankness and her humor. It is constantly renewing itself and could extend its influence on another platform: YouTube.

Lena Mahfouf

Like a Kyllian M’bappé in football, Léna Mahfouf is a gifted figure in her field 3 million subscribers on Instagram, 1.65 million for her Youtube channel, Léna Situations is only 23 years old a real inspiration for her community. Very dynamic and ambitious, the young Parisian, passionate about fashion and haute couture, is living her dream and bringing new life to the world of fashion influencers.

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