Paint Your Bedroom: 13 Perfect Colors To Paint The Walls

Certain colors promote sleep and falling asleep. Others, on the contrary, are not adapted to this universe supposed to be cocooning and relaxed. We will therefore avoid pop and too bright shades, such as orange, duck yellow or fuchsia. Thus, in the room, it will be necessary to privilege the colors known as “sedative” which help to find the sleep, especially for the children.

Among them, there is blue, purple, mauve, pink or even green. To sleep even better and have a healthy home, turn to ecological paints, respectful of the environment. How to check that a painting is really ecological?

Repainting a wall is an opportunity to revisit the atmosphere of a room, to make it more trendy and to bring character to its interior. But what color to apply to the wall? Discover 27 inspirations of bedroom colors for your walls.

What color of paint to adopt according to the decor of the room?

To choose the color of the walls of your room, you can base yourself on the style of decoration you want to do. For a bohemian, natural or even cocooning bedroom, choose light, muted and soft colors, such as pastel, light pink, cream colors (beige, white, taupe, etc.). Conversely, if you have a boudoir or industrial bedroom, prefer darker paints but not too much either, such as terracotta, burgundy, midnight blue or verdigris.

Bedroom: the colors which will not help you to sleep well

If there are “sedative” shades, some are anxiety-inducing. They are therefore to be avoided in the adult or child’s bedroom, a real place of relaxation. Indeed, the colors of citrus fruits such as orange and yellow are to be absolutely avoided. The red is not really recommended. In some cases, it is a sign of passion… In a bedroom, it is an aggressive color! Fuchsia is also not welcome in this room. Finally, imperatively forget the total look which will give a feeling of imprisonment.

Where to place your bed to sleep well?

As far as possible, orient your bed north to sleep well. Avoid placing it in front of a door or near a window. According to the ancestral art of Feng Shui, the positive waves could be difficult to circulate if your bed is placed near an opening. Also avoid positioning it too close to a heater. It does not make sleep easier.

Choose a beautiful canopy bed for your child’s room

The canopy is more and more fashionable in children’s bedrooms. It has become much more than a simple accessory and it is favorable to relaxation and periods of calm to help the child fall asleep. Here is an excellent site for finding out how to lay a pretty bed canopy for your baby. Whether you have a girl or a boy, here you will find plenty of bed covers for your newborn baby’s crib as well as for the bed of older children. The brand also guarantees to use sustainable and organic materials, such as cotton.

In addition, a canopy bed will beautify your child’s room by falling around the bars of the bed to the floor to form a real cocoon of well-being. This will reassure the newborn from his first nights in the house by preventing outside intrusions such as too bright light or a draft. You live in an area frequently invaded by mosquitoes, your child will also be protected from pests with some models.

13 Colors to sleep well in your bedroom


Blue is the sedative color par excellence. A cool color that calms because it evokes pleasant natural elements: the sky and the sea. It lowers blood pressure and calms the pulse unlike red. In chroma therapy, insomnia is treated with blue light because it has therapeutic effects. 


Sustained and muted color, wine is making a comeback on our walls. To be adopted in association with lighter shades such as white or beige, burgundy brings a warm side to the bedroom.

The pink

Pink is a warm color because it contains red in it, but it is much softer and therefore becomes very relaxing. It is used more and more on the walls of hyperactive children, in the prison or psychiatric environment. 

Night blue

We choose the color night blue to induce sleep cognitive functions thanks to its very dark tone. In the bedroom, we will favor muted blues, warmer than cyan blue for example, which has rather an oxygenating and refreshing power. 

Fir green

Green is also a cool color. These are the ones that appease. It is therefore very useful for the bedroom. Its natural connotation also works in this direction. It helps to relax, to find serenity and calm.


This neutral color is ideal in a chic and graphic bedroom. It can be associated with strong and dynamic colors, such as yellow.


Purple contains red and blue. The color therefore becomes sedative, relaxing, but retains the warm properties of red. Said anti migraine, it is a very spiritual color. It is the color of meditation. 


In the bedroom, white is a safe bet. Indeed, this neutral color evokes serenity and calm, which promotes sleep. 

Mustard yellow

If bright yellow is to be avoided, you may well succumb to a darker and deeper yellow like mustard yellow. Perfect for a child’s room that this shade will subtly illuminate! 

Pastel pink

Pastels are popular at the moment. We love it in all colors but it is the pink that offers the most softness and promises peaceful nights.

Clay earth

Elected color of the year 2021 by Duluxe Valentine, Terre d’Argile offers softness and an authentic bedroom. Alone or associated with other colors, it will enhance your room.


Exit gendered rooms! Beige is ideal for dressing the walls of a child’s room. In addition to not going out of fashion, this shade is ultra stylish.

Dark gray

Dark gray has the advantage of giving an intimate atmosphere to the bedroom. We do not hesitate to enhance it with furniture and accessories in wood or gold.

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