Latest Men’s Fashion Trends You Should Know

While the year has barely started, we are already wondering what are we going to eat in terms of style. The exercise may seem perilous, but it is not that much. Of course, it is based on what worked last year and what we rejected, and therefore includes an element of interpretation. But at the same time, the chances of getting it right are higher than a game of roulette because the collections are known and produced a year in advance.

Before starting, we must remember that we often confuse the fact of dressing well and that of dressing according to the latest trends. If the changing side of fashion allows you to renew itself a little, you should not give up your entire wardrobe each season. Because it would on the one hand make you someone who has no style of your own, and on the other hand your bank account would be abused.

The key to a successful style that does not collect dust is the ability to adapt from time to time a new trend in order to slightly evolve your look. In order to give you a glimpse of what might interest you this year, here are my predictions on what will be trending. You just have to choose what will interest you.

The main fashion trends

Seeming the end of summer, back to school promises for fashion lovers – but not only – as an opportunity to completely review the content of their wardrobe and adopt new looks. To look your best and be on top of the trend for the cool season, we invite you to discover in this article the major trends in men’s fashion for the coming months. And this, according to the latest fashion shows presenting the fall-winter collections of designers and major fashion houses.


For a few years now, it has been clear that men are taking more and more care of themselves and working more and more on their look, as much as women. This is why designers and fashion houses today offer many accessories to refine their outfit and their look in general.

For this fall, this is particularly the case of the cap, and more precisely of the logo cap, like baseball caps. If you want to be on top of the trend, this accessory will give your outfits a boost and accompany you outdoors to protect you from the sun, but also to keep your head warm when the temperatures drop. If you think that the cap will not be enough to face the cold of winter, the famous balaclava is also making a comeback on the front of the stage.

The beard

Already in vogue for a few years now, the beard remains relevant for fall-winter. However, to be bearded and stylish at the same time, a few rules are essential. First and foremost, you need to take care of your beard, so finding the best men’s beard care kit commercially available is highly recommended.

You will thus be sure to have everything you need to have a beautiful beard every day. Among the essentials that your kit must contain is a mild shampoo, to wash and clean your fleece. To be used 3 to 4 times a week, this product is essential because it allows you to get rid of any dirt and bacteria that can lodge in your beard. It also helps you eliminate any unwanted odor (cigarette smell or other). Be careful, avoid using classic hair shampoo, as it could attack the skin of your face.

In addition, a balm will be useful if your beard is in very bad condition and you want to hydrate and nourish it intensely. It will also make it easier for you to discipline her. Of course, a comb or a brush will have to complete your kit in order to allow you to discipline the rebellious hairs as well as to style and structure your beard. It can also help you to better distribute the different treatments – oil and balm – that you will apply to your beard.

Red and sandy shades

Even if the summer is coming to an end and the temperatures will gradually drop, the colors remain relevant for the coming seasons. Indeed, after a rather gloomy period on many levels (social, economic and especially health), designers and fashion houses want to be optimistic and make it clear with strong colors, including red.

So gentlemen, to be on top of the trend during the coming months, dare the color of love and forget the dark colors that are usually worn during the cold season.

With the monochrome trend that is still popular, for example, you can opt for a classic suit, but revisited all in red. If you’re afraid to go overboard, start with small touches, wearing red striped pleated pants, for example, or just a red jacket.

Get inspired by the 70s and safari looks to concoct your outfits. For example, you can wear fairly wide brown pants with a beige vest to go to work or a night out with your friends. With such a look, you will be guaranteed to leave no one indifferent.

Denim, leather, velvet and fleece

In terms of materials, the trend will be focused on denim, leather, velvet and fleece for this fall-summer. Which is quite practical, because you can stay warm and still look stylish.


Jeans will still be allowed this fall, when temperatures start to drop. The rule will be to choose it half-washed, dark or downright raw, but especially not clear. Your denim piece, whatever it is, will give you the opportunity to concoct many looks. If you have basic straight-leg jeans, for example, you can simply wear them with a white shirt, suit jacket or well-tailored blazer and polish your look with loafers.

The leather

Timeless, leather will still be a must-have to be trendy for this fall. Versatile, it can be worn on all occasions: for work, for an outing with friends, for a date or while traveling. If the perfecto remains a great classic, rather decline it in a long coat for this year. Take inspiration from ‘90s sci-fi movies to create a look that’s out of the ordinary.


According to the last fashion week, velvet also has a bright future ahead of it. The good news is that you don’t have to wear it in a suit to look stylish anymore. You can put on your suit pants for today and wait another day to wear the jacket. A velvet shirt – red or brown ideally – can also enhance your look in a very trendy way. The announced success of this material for the coming months is mainly explained by the warmth it can bring you when the sun is no longer there, but also by the texture that it can add to any look.

The polar

It is without any great surprise that we find the fleece for the fall-winter season. This trend is on the sidelines of the great rise in outdoor pieces in recent times. Indeed, what better than fleece to face the cold and the outdoor elements in comfort and of course in style?

For a really trendy look, limit yourself to one piece made of this material and choose it a little retro. Avoid the total look. Do not hesitate to mix it with other materials such as mesh or jeans to give depth to your look. For example, you can opt for a brown fleece jacket, a knitted sweater and raw denim pants.

The “must-have” of your wardrobe

The major trends in men’s fashion for the coming months were clearly defined during the catwalks of the last fashion week. Certain pieces have been particularly honored and are already shaping up to be must-have for the fall-winter season. Therefore, if you want to review your wardrobe to bring it up to date, we advise you to focus on the following elements which you also can see in movies used by actors in different roles as part of their costumes.

The Varsity Jacket

The Varsity Jacket is essential to be trendy this fall. Rest assured, you don’t have to be a student or athlete to wear these jackets bearing the names of prestigious universities or sports teams. To be at the pinnacle of style , prefer them oversized and in fairly eye-catching colors.

The sleeveless vest

This garment is certainly the perfect piece to welcome mid-season in style. It will help you look stylish, while facing the coolness of fall. However, it will be necessary to opt for contemporary models to be in the trend. We recommend, for example, sleeveless vests with floral prints to be trendy and original at the same time. Those that are oversized and extra long are also great choices.

Extra large pants

On the fringes of oversize fashion, extra large pants are also making their way into the trendy man’s wardrobe for this fall. No more slim pants and place for wide pants that ensure great comfort and freedom of movement. They are available in denim as well as in casual pants for going out or in suit pants for going to work or to formal events. Those which are of natural colors (brown, beige…) and pastel will be those which it is absolutely necessary to have in your dressing room.

The upgraded trench coat

Initially assimilated to the soldiers of the First World War, the trench coat has become one of the stars of the fall-winter fashion week. It is an accessory that should not be underestimated to be stylish this fall and winter. Opt for models in leather or with a rather subtle check pattern to attract all eyes to you.

New tailoring

Oversized blazer boosted with zippers at Dolce & Gabbana, fitted and belted coat at Wooyoungmi, jacket with rolled-up sleeves on a jacquard knit body at Prada. The designers are experimenting and reinventing the very principle of tailoring.

Technical jackets

It is yet another manifestation of the colonization of our dressing room by outerwear. For Fall / Winter, expect to find cropped technical jackets, which will be as useful for going out in the rain as they are as windbreakers on the bike.

Sewing bathrobe

To face the tumbling temperatures and the beating cold, the ultimate winter coat trend can be summed up in one word: the bathrobe. It manifested itself in its most classic and elegant version at Louis Vuitton and The Row, but also in the form of a sublimated down jacket for extreme paddings at Fendi, for the most daring (and cautious).

Pajama party

If it comes out of the moonlight this summer and infuses itself with a bohemian style to display in the city or at the beach, the pajamas leave the daylight this winter and become the panoply for night owls eager to re-survey the clubs. Well, almost… The proof in Tom Ford who endows it with a very 60’s leopard pattern or even Études with its silky version.


Democratized in the 1920s by René Lacoste, it was the tennis players who were the first to wear this essential sportswear, before it met with great success across the Atlantic in the 1950s. In 2021, the polo shirt took on insurance casual and even goes with the suit.

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