The Different Types of Fashion Styles For Women

You dreamed about it, your good friends did it! We present to you (finally) a complete lexicon of clothing styles and the latest trends of the moment! In the form of a list, we invite you to discover what are the characteristics of each dress style that we have listed, some good ideas for adopting it and the pitfalls to avoid if you want to adopt it. Let’s go!

Think you have your own style, but looking to define it further to get inspired by the trend? If you’re in the market for your style and need to know what seems to suit your tastes the most, it’s time to take a look at the different styles of dress out there. Be aware, however, that a dress style can be changed according to your convenience and that nothing is fixed in the world of fashion: anything goes! Also, a look may seem sublime on someone else, but it doesn’t go down well with you, so don’t skip the fittings stage when you want to change your style.

Fashion styles for women

We are all different and we all have a personal and different notion of style. Yet, similarities exist for all of us. This is what makes it possible to classify feminine styles into 9 very distinct styles. Note that if we each go into one of these styles, we each have a secondary style as well. It’s the mix of these two styles that makes us unique.

The Bohème-Chic style

We very often hear about the bohemian-chic style, the boho or even the hippie-chic. Rest assured, this all points to pretty much the same style, but what exactly? We tell you everything. The bohemian-chic dresses above all so as to be free to move: long skirts and dresses, flowing gowns, flare jeans, oversized jacket. She exudes a natural beauty without much artifice and especially without constraint, for it this is the high point of the bohemian-chic style. To adopt the boho look, we choose materials and natural colors and fluid cuts, to which we add a touch of vintage 60’s or 70’s (the golden hippie age) thanks to floral or geometric patterns and prints.

As always, accessories are essential to complete your look. An accumulation of ethnic jewelry can transform a simple outfit into a bohemian statement. The hippie-chic look has a rather summery aura, and is more difficult to handle in the middle of winter when you’re freezing under your puffer jacket.

Glamorous style

Being glamorous isn’t just for Hollywood stars, like Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson, walking the red carpet! On the contrary, it is quite possible to be glam to go to the office or for an aperitif with friends, you just need to know how to dose. Glamorous style is above all a celebration of the woman and her body. We therefore choose clothes that fit us well, that highlight us, without being afraid to “show a little”.

Glamorous style is not just a question of outfit, it is rather a combination of clothes, accessories, attitude and beauty look, which will give you the air of a femme fatale. The key to success? Self-confidence, undoubtedly.

Forget the sheath evening dresses and 12 cm stilettos, instead bet on a high-waisted pencil skirt with a slit on one leg, worn with a silk blouse, seamed stockings and a pair of patent pumps, in the color why not. As for accessories, we recommend one or two well-chosen jewelry, a pair of earrings for example, and a leather satchel-style handbag.

The beauty look must be done well to bring an additional touch of sexy: the red mouth or the cat eye are very good options. For the day on the other hand, avoid wearing both at the same time! The hair is to be worn loose or tied up loosely, and we do not forget an impeccable red manicure.

The Sportswear look

Thanks to the sportswear trend, we can finally afford to leave our home in super comfortable clothes, and that’s very good news! The athleisure dress style, the other small name of sportswear, results from the association of typically sporty pieces (sweatshirt, jogging, dad shoes …) with others more “fashion” say, like a quilted handbag, a small black dress, silk blouse, etc.

We have fun with 90’s inspired clothes such as striped track pants, sweatshirt with message, dadshoes or even the crop top, which we wear with modern and trendy things like the pleated skirt, slouchy jeans, a blazer houndstooth, etc. Be careful, however, not to overdo it on the sport side, at the risk of being overlooked.

Unless you work in an environment where the dress code is really precise, you can adapt the sportswear style to wear it during the week. Dare to wear satin black pants with side bands (jogging inspiration), they will work very well with a very feminine black silk blouse, a trench coat and a pair of slip-ons or even pumps. As it is important to stay elegant for the office, take good care of your beauty look and your accessories: impeccable manicure, natural but neat makeup, fine jewelry and a chic handbag are essential.

The casual look

The casual feminine dress style is, by definition, a casual look. We no longer worry about high heels, skinny jeans that suffocate us, mini-skirts with which we can not sit. In short, we wear simple clothes, well cut, and in which we are comfortable: jeans, t-shirt, XXL sweatshirt, long dress, shorts, etc.

You will understand, the casual woman is comfortable and dresses quickly in the morning. We keep it simple in its associations, just to be sure not to do anything with the patterns in particular, and we work on your look so as to be beautiful without doing it on purpose. The casual woman style is well suited for weekend outings: brunch, exhibition visits, tea room, etc. On the other hand, it will hardly find its place in a work environment.

The casual style is really easy to achieve: mix boyfriend jeans with a loose white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, and pouf, you are ready. To add a touch of style, swap the sneakers for a pair of red moccasins and add sunglasses. When it comes to makeup and hairstyle, the more natural you look, the better. Your make-up should be fresh and very discreet, and you can even dare a bare face (0 make-up, not even concealer) if you like. If you have long hair, wear it loose or in a high ponytail, with a few strands falling out.

The Chic-Casual style

The chic-casual dress style is quite close to casual, except for the fact that it gives a more chic allure (exactly as the name suggests). We explain how to wear chic-casual on a daily basis. The idea of the chic-casual dress style is to mix casual or sportswear pieces with more elegant and / or more elaborate clothes. The look that the chic-casual look will give you will therefore be at the same time feminine, elegant and without fuss. So this is a great idea for a woman’s dress style if you want to be chic without seeming to go overboard.

The chic-casual style for women is really easy to handle: take one piece from the chic register, and one from the casual wardrobe, and combine! We advise you to work with beautiful basics, which are easy to combine with each other. For your chic closet, the essentials are the dark-colored fitted blazer, the slightly oversized white shirt, the 7 / th tailored pants , the straight dress, the trench coat, etc. On the casual side, bet on basic T-shirts (white, black, gray, sailor), raw jeans, denim jacket, biker jacket, sweatshirt and XXL sweater … You are spoiled for choice.


The BCBG style, acronym of Bon Chic Bon Genre, is at least as much an art of living as a dress style. It should indeed be kept in mind that the BCBG style is, at the outset, the uniform of the well-to-do classes of society, in other words of the traditional bourgeoisie. In fact, we associate the BCBG look with good manners, and, more generally, with a certain savoir-vivre. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to live in a mansion and go horseback riding to be stylish in BCBG, we tell you everything.

The BCBG look is chic and conventional. We forget the sexy, the provocative and the glamorous, and we bet on the elegant tradition, so as to always be perfectly dressed and never to make a fashion faux-pas. The make-up and the hairstyle of the BCBG style must remain discreet and always impeccable.

The working-girl style

The working-girl dress style is perfect if you are looking for ideas of woman looks for the office. Its main interest is to boost your confidence and always make a good impression when you walk in somewhere. The working-girl knows what she is doing, and everyone realizes it. We explain how to “impose” in the office, and everywhere else.

The working-girl silhouette is rather linear, in the sense that nothing is left to chance: impeccable cut, colors that match without making waves, classic and rather masculine prints, straight lines, etc. It is designed to reflect your mastery: the idea is to show that you manage your outfits as well as your job. Basically, when we see you, we have to tell ourselves that you know what you’re doing. But the working-girl look is not boring, demonstration.

The minimalist style

The minimalist women’s dress style is perfect for those who constantly feel like they have nothing to wear, despite an overflowing walk-in closet. A minimalist look is clean and elegant, but never simplistic, be careful! Each garment worn is carefully chosen and it is not a question of turning on three pieces for eternity, far from it.

The minimalist silhouette is elegant in all circumstances. The minimalist dress style is built from pieces that look simple, but look extremely good on you. The idea is to do better with less: by only having clothes that suit you and are chic by nature, you can’t go wrong. We advise you to bet on good chic basics such as the trench coat, black dress, pencil skirt, raw jeans, 7/8 th pants, sneakers, flat or heeled ankle boots.


The streetwear is quite tricky to define. The result of mixing different street cultures (hip hop, skateboarding, surfing, street art, etc.), streetwear clothing style has evolved in several ways around the world. What should be remembered is that it is a fashion trend that is constantly changing, not like the BCBG or the casual chic, which keep more or less the same bases despite the passage of the seasons. Be careful not to confuse “ streetwear” (the dress style) and “street style”, which refers to the looks of influencers photographed in a street.

When we hear “streetwear” we often think of the rap clips of the 90s with micro-shorts and bras for the women and huge T-shirts with gigantic necklaces for the men. Rest assured, you don’t have to walk around in poom-poom shorts to be street. Streetwear fashion is really versatile, and you should be able to find a trend that suits you without too much difficulty, the main thing being to stand out from the crowd.

The Preppy style

The Preppy style refers to the rather precise BCBG style adopted by American students in Preparatory Schools (“Preppy” being the abbreviation of “Preparatory Schools”). These are private schools that prepare young people to join America’s elite universities, those of the Ivy League. The Preppy dates back to the 1950s and enjoyed a pleasant dusting thanks, in particular, to Blair Waldorf in the series Gossip Girl. And, contrary to what one might think when watching the series, it’s pretty easy to embrace. We explain to you.

Today’s Preppy women’s dress style mixes formal basics with more functional, casual pieces. It’s pretty close to BCBG, but with more girly let’s say. The preppy silhouette is feminine without being sexy, chic without being staid, and ultimately rather colorful.

The British style

The British dress style is above all a matter of daring. To adopt it, there is only one rule: forget the traditional codes of fashion and have fun on the mix and match. We therefore find as many chic classics as rock or even punk statements in the streets of Great Britain, and this allure full of freedom makes us crack.

To answer the London Calling, we advise you to bet on the British basics that are the tartan, and the checks in general, the patterns and in particular flowery, the lace, English preferably, the pleated school skirt, the derbies, etc. Then choose one or two rock pieces with which to twist your outfit such as a perfecto, a studded belt, a T-shirt bearing the image of an English group, a Scottish kilt, leather or vinyl pants and skirt not afraid of daring associations, that’s the whole principle. Likewise, play the printed card to the full by mixing several: leopard coat over traditional sailor-stripe, floral blouse over hound stooth pants, blouse with large dots on striped skirt. Mix & Match is the new black

The androgynous style!

The spirit of the androgynous look is above all a question of identity. Without entering into a philosophical debate, we must all the same remember that the androgynous style allows women above all to break free from the usual shackles of women’s fashion, and to adopt masculine pieces on a daily basis. It is a different way of assuming one’s femininity, of even claiming it, but without falling into the hyper-sexualization of clothes. The idea is not to hide, but rather to show another facet of her femininity.

The androgynous dress style is not a tomboy, on the contrary! It’s not about making a face, but rather showing off your body in a different way. Most of the classic men’s clothing having been feminized in recent years, it is quite easy to play it boyish while remaining female.

The retro style of pin-up style

The retro style of pin-up woman is probably one of the most glam there is. It will showcase all your strengths, but without making you look vulgar. A true symbol of the sexy and free woman, the pin-up look is still relevant today and appeals to many women. You should still know that it is a rather marked look, far from being a go-anywhere, and which is not always easy to assume on a daily basis.

What makes the pin-up is above all a silhouette highlighted thanks to fitted, retro and above all very easily recognizable cuts: skater dress, marked waist, neckline, boat neck or bare shoulders, heels, etc. We are inspired by the essential Marilyn Monroe, and we dare to reveal its forms.

The pin-up looks like a well-assumed femme fatale, and completes her outfit with a beauty-look in the same spirit. On the make-up side, the essentials are of course the red mouth and the cat eye. For the hairstyle, we recommend the scarf as a headband, tied on loose hair, or a banana bun, retro and very elegant. If you’re looking for an outfit to add to your wardrobe for those days when you want to feel ultra-desirable, the pin-up style is perfect!

The romantic style

Quite close to bohemian, the romantic look is perfect for both gentle and confident women who want to find their style. The romantic woman often has a little childish, mischievous and charming side which suits young women particularly well. The romantic dress style is both neat and natural, thanks to the mix of fluid and discreetly sexy pieces. The girly side is assumed and even claimed among romantics, who often wear accessories such as bows, ruffles, pearls, etc. This femininity is also found in make-up and hairstyle, where everything is skilfully balanced between childish freshness and glam charm. Everything is therefore fresh, full of pep’s and always impeccable.

Arty style

Full of colors, geometric patterns and daring, the arty style is no less elegant, on the contrary! Based on clean cuts and beautiful materials, it is a contemporary and chic fashion for all those who refuse to be bored with their wardrobe! Pop art, art deco and solid colors are on the menu of this multi-vitamin wardrobe.

Graphic, urban and deliciously playful, the arty look is joyful, colorful and very modern. In total look or in little touch, arty is clearly what it takes to wake up an outfit and give a touch of pep to your daily life. Color block version on a trapeze dress, watercolor on a jumpsuit or geometric on a sandal, arty seduces.

To mix traditional and arty, we recommend the following combination: color block fine knit sweater, blue boyfriend jeans and white sneakers will make an excellent base. Add a beautiful pair of XXL colored earrings and a fresh and natural make-up.

The rock chic style

Today, the rock chic dress style is embodied by GiGi Hadid, and owes its letters of nobility to Kate Moss. We love its very sexy rebellious side, which gives an ultra-cool, feminine and really stylish look. The idea, when you’re rock-chic, is to concoct chic and quite feminine looks from rock basics. To “chew up” these rock basics, we bet on the classics: pumps, beautiful materials, well-cut jackets, etc.

Want to try the rock style dress for women? You probably already have everything you need in your walk-in closet. Put on your black skinny jeans and a T-shirt, also black (preferably enough neckline), add a perfecto and a pair of pumps and you are rock-chic. Accessorize with a black leather belt, a soft leather bag or a satchel, always black, and bet on a smoky eye.

Glam-rock style

Glam-rock dress style looks a lot like rock-chic, but with a little more glitter. The set is even more feminine, more dressy and a bit more bling-bling. Indeed the glam-rock woman does not skimp on accessories, and no detail is left to chance. Where rock-chic takes rock basics to feminize them, glam-rock takes glamor basics to “rock” them. The result is very modern, but still ultra-feminine. The glam-rock woman is not afraid of the mini length, the slit skirt or high heels, on the contrary! It’s a great look for a night out, maybe a little less for the office, but it’s up to you!

Nothing like a pretty glam-rock outfit to go out on the town. Put on a leather mini-dress (or imitation of course), straight or trapeze depending on your body type, over a pair of semi-opaque tights, put on your most beautiful heeled ankle boots and finish by adding a cuff and several thin necklaces. On the beauty side, we recommend loose hair, a wild atmosphere, and a very intense black charcoal.

Grunge style

The grunge dress style stems from the aesthetics of emblematic groups like Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Although dated, grunge regularly returns to the forefront of the fashion scene and continues to be reinvented season after season. We recognize the grunge style thanks to some really distinctive elements such as tartan, leather, moumoute, combat shoes, etc. The desired effect is clearly overlooked, as if you grabbed anything in your closet without paying attention to the associations.

The art of the grunge woman dress style is indeed to match anything and everything, both in terms of patterns and styles. In essence, therefore, we put on a high contrast outfit, baby doll tulle dress with combat shoes for example, denim mini-shorts with fishnet tights and group t-shirts, that sort of thing. In short, forget everything you learned about fashion and mix up the pieces as you wish!

Punk style

The punk dress style was born in the 70s, under the impetus of groups like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones or even the Clash. Leathers, ripped jeans, pins and other Iroquois crests signify the advent of a culture that goes against the grain, which disregards the dictates of fashion. Although the “rules” of the punk movement have changed little in recent decades, the punk dress style has nevertheless undergone some changes, especially after being reviewed and corrected by the big fashion houses. The today punk is still as rebellious, but has a little extra stylish edge, often provided by a well-chosen accessory.

Gothic style

The Gothic aesthetic is very special and really recognizable. Inspired by the repertoires of the film or horror book, the Gothic dress style obeys rather strict rules but easy to follow. Black, black, and more black: this is the basic rule of the Gothic dress style. The gothic woman look is nevertheless quite feminine, in particular thanks to the use of lace, make-up and a lot of jewelry. Overall, the idea is to wear very dark colors (black, burgundy, purple…), and original clothes such as petticoats or even corsets. The mini-skirt is also tolerated, as long as it is black and worn with fishnet tights. Finally, think about adding a good dose of make-up: thick black liner and dark lipstick are required!

The normcore look

The normcore look is actually a non-look, understand the most normal look possible. The idea is to have a super normal style that is anti-fashion and with absolutely nothing remarkable. Contrary to what we are used to seeing in the fashion-sphere, normcore is nevertheless one of the most cutting-edge trends there is: making mainstream the new fashion. The philosophy is, we concede to you, a little convoluted, but makes its way and is essential among the looks most appreciated by international stars.

With the hobo and hipster trends, more and more people are paying special attention and care to their look, and taking care of the smallest details. The current is growing so much that, in the end, no one is original or going against the current since everyone, or almost everyone, wears a lumberjack’s beard and shirt. In this context, going back to simplistic and not at all stylish things becomes the new way of asserting one’s individuality and opposition to the system. Suddenly, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama find themselves projected to the rank of fashion icons and it becomes quite acceptable to wear flip flops and jogging in real life. Convoluted, we warned you.

The Gorpcore style

Normcore has obviously had its day, and today is the advent of the gorpcore style. In English, the word “gorp” refers to mixtures of nuts and dried fruits consumed by hikers to give themselves energy. The gropcore so this is an outdoor sporting style, based trekking shoes, polar and parka. It’s an evolution of normcore, tinged with sportswear (the absolute trend of the last two or three years).

We find in the gorpcore and the normcore the same conception of the garment, namely a practical object above all, which must fulfill a precise function. Except that, since 2014 (the golden age of normcore), environmental concerns have taken on a lot of importance, and have therefore inspired a whole generation of “cool people” to roam the trendy neighborhoods of New York in technical clothing rather than ‘in high heels.

The Trashion style

Another slightly barbaric neologism to designate a current that is both art and fashion: trashion. This new word stems from the contraction of “trash” and fashion. The idea is therefore quite clear: to make fashion with waste, and, according to the very famous New York Times,” The Future Is Trashion, ” understand that “the future is trashion.”

The fashion trend refers to different things, ranging from bottle-top bra to pants made entirely from scraps of fabric. It is therefore green, arty, quirky and very modern, everything you need for the advent of a new style of clothing. Well aware of the stake represented by the preservation of the environment, the biggest brands were quick to take the fold of zero waste and recovery. Hermès, for example, even launched a brand of accessories made from unused raw materials.

The gypset style

The gypset style is neither more nor less than the new version of bohemianism, a very chic option. We owe the neologism “ gypset” a contraction of “gypsy” (therefore bohemian) and “jet-set”, to journalist Julia Chaplin. The gypset style therefore designates the looks of those who skillfully blend chic, authenticity and exoticism, with an atmosphere of children of the world.

No need to overdo it to adopt the gypset women’s dress style, a nice pair of earrings brought back from your last trip can be enough to give a gypsy twist to your outfit. The gypset, compared to the bohemian, is above all a matter of elegance: the gypset silhouette is, in fact, much more refined than the traditional bohemian.

The neo-bourgeois style

If you appreciate structured cuts and ultra-elegant looks, the neo-bourgeois style for women is definitely for you! Reminiscent of the shoulder-padded silhouettes of the 70’s, the era of the strong woman and the beginnings of the working-girl, the neo-bourgeois trend offers to fully assume its BCBG side, like, in particular, Kate Middleton.

A true opposite to street and sport trends, the neo-bourgeois celebrates refinement and sophistication, but without falling into the classic grandma either. That is, the goal is not to look like an altar boy, but to be impeccable, from head to toe, and to “impress” when you walk in somewhere. The neo-bourgeois silhouette is therefore structured, elegant, sober and feminine. We bet on chic classics, in a modern version.

The comfy look

A successful comfy look is a comfortable, feminine and modern look. Inspired by the young and active Parisian, who runs in the morning to take the metro and who joins her friends for after-work in the evening, the comfy dress style is elegant enough for the office, but also quite cool for the bars.

The comfy woman style is built above all from high quality timeless pieces, which will allow you to have fun with trendy accessories according to the seasons. These timeless pieces are the chic guarantee of your comfy outfit. The same goes for the colors: we rely on proven colors, which work on any occasion. This does not mean, however, that we avoid patterns or prints! But, here again, we favor the classic: checks, houndstooth, prince of wales, polka dots, stripes, leopard.

The Fashionista style

The dress style of the fashionista (or modeuse) is clearly not that of everyone! It requires a good dose of self-confidence and daring to take on the most avant-garde outfits in the fashion world. In fact, the fashionista style is the style we see in street styles on the outskirts of fashion weeks. Difficult to wear on a daily basis when you are not working as an influencer, but great for inspiration.

It is difficult to define the fashionista dress style as it is polymorphous. The general idea is to be avant-garde, by identifying the must-haves for the coming seasons before anyone else. There are actually as many styles of fashionistas as there are fashionistas, and each one spots what she likes and combines it according to her own style.

The glam-sport style

The art of glam-sport dress style is to be able to assume your real sportswear in real life. The idea is in fact to fully embrace your passion for sport and for a healthy lifestyle in general. Except, of course, it’s not about going out covered in sweat in your old holey jogging pants that you put on to do sit-ups at home. On the contrary, we twist technical clothes with a touch of glamor to create this famous glam-sport style. Several designers have tried this exercise, like Stella McCartney for Adidas.

The glam-sport look rather refers to high-end technical clothing, branded if possible, and assembled with more classic but always chic pieces. The set is casual of course, but always elaborate: we do not do anything just because we are wearing sports clothes! In fact, it is a perfect look for the weekend or the holidays, but a little less for the office. Unless, of course, you are a sports coach!

Business-Casual Style

A wind of novelty and flexibility has been blowing in offices for some time: it is about the business-casual style. The codes of the professional and the formal are evolving (for our greatest pleasure) and today allow a little more freedom. You should know that if the traditional office outfits for women are as classic or even downright dull, it is because they were initially used to blend into the male mass.

Remember, it’s not been that long that women have their place in the professional world, and especially in business! In fact, clothing was a good way to gain acceptance among all these men, and was therefore chosen precisely because it did not attract attention. But, fortunately, the lines have changed and today it is quite accepted and even advisable to have a little fun with your office outfits by adopting the business-casual woman’s dress style.

Kawaii dress style

Originally from Japan, where the term “kawaii” literally means “cute”, the kawaii dress style is inspired by the world of manga and is more suited to young girls. Difficult, in fact, to be comfortable at the office with a kawaii look. The kawaii dress style is actually quite close to the concept of “cosplay“, namely dressing and applying makeup exactly like a popular fictional character. In the case of kawaii, you cosplay your favorite manga character, so there are a lot of clothing options. Overall, however, the trend is more for baby girl clothes, which are therefore cute.

The romantic-grunge style

The romantic-grunge woman’s dress style has appeared quite recently, but is already generating a lot of ink. A mix of precious dresses, reminiscent of the elegant lines of the Victorian era, and punk accessories, it offers a rebellious princess look to those who adopt it. To get an idea, think of the princesses we see in Tim Burton’s films: thin and feminine silhouettes, both dark and very romantic. The idea is, in fact, to offer its letters of nobility to punk and gothic trends, by adding ultra-feminine touches such as lace, floral patterns or even transparency.

The witchy style

The 21st century witch adopts the witchy dress style: inspired by the Gothic universe, it takes a more feminine turn and a little more nature-oriented. Because, yes, the witch is close to nature; in the tradition, in fact, it is from nature that the witch derives all her powers. In terms of fashion, this translates into a rather dark look, which can be oriented towards grunge, or towards more precious and elegant things. You will therefore have the choice between witchy-grunge and witchy-chic!

As you can imagine, the pieces to go for to achieve your witchy look depend on the version you want to achieve. If you prefer the witchy look in its young and rebellious version, we advise you to opt for short black dresses or skirts, over lace effect tights. Add a pair of Doc Martens for the rebellious side, and don’t skimp on the black liner. For accessories, bet on anything that can give you a slightly mystical allure, mixed with esotericism: crystal pendant, amethyst earrings, crescent moons.

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