How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress: 5 Steps To Follow

The big time has come! Perhaps the most awaited by every future bride: that magical moment that dyes everything white and transports you to a new dimension of beauty. Choosing the wedding dress is a tough task and we are here to help! Wedding dresses are part of a “multiform and varied” category that often frightens future brides. Precisely for this reason we suggest 5 tips to follow to the letter to get to choose the perfect wedding dress.

How to choose the right wedding dress is perhaps the first dilemma a bride faces. Will it be the right one for my body? Does it fit the style of the wedding? Some tips for choosing the right one.

How to choose the wedding dress

Yes, choosing the wedding dress is not easy at all! It is a very important decision and must be made with awareness, to be sure that that day you will be beautiful and perfect within the general context, because the style of the dress will also have an important impact on the style of the entire wedding. For this reason today I would like to give you a couple of tips that will help you face the search for your perfect dress.

Shape of the body and dress

There are plenty of wedding dresses: mermaid, empire style, princess, frock coat, long sleeves or sweetheart neckline. The choice depends on changing factors, but the one that plays the most important role is undoubtedly the shape of the body: oval, pear, hourglass, gynoid, android … Do you tend to have wider hips? Do you have a lot of or little breasts? There are so many body shapes! Have you already found yours? In case you have any doubts, we will help you find the key to the problem.

Pear-shaped body: rebalances the silhouette

A wedding dress for every shape. Do you see yourself in the description of the so-called “pear woman”? Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing and you’re not alone at all: most Mediterranean women have a pear-shaped physique, that is, more voluminous in the lower part of the body. Here, the key word is balance, which is why the ideal dress is the one that reshapes the proportions between bust and hips. The empire style can be the ideal solution, as well as simple wedding dresses with a slip or flared cut, perhaps combined with a strapless neckline. Instead, avoid mermaid models, which are too pronounced on the hips and lower back.

Inverted triangle physique: highlights the waistline

Your characteristic is to have broad and well-sculpted shoulders, with an undefined waistline, you have a basically android physique, like a swimmer or a runner. The secret of your dream dress has to be just that: sculpt your waist with a mermaid dress or even a midi style that leaves your legs free. You can also play with a particular neckline such as the halter model and Queen Anne, very rare and unconventional. Not recommended, the empire style, which would remove volume from a body that is not very curvy in itself.

Oval body: enhances shoulders and breasts

The oval physique has greater amplitude on the central part of the body. And it is precisely from here that you have to divert your gaze: shift your attention to the points that most enhance you such as breasts and shoulders, rather than focusing on the rounded waist. The empire style wedding dress is perfect but, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can go for a princely model, which will totally embrace your curves. Also give yourself a try in the mirror with a slipped dress, perhaps with a deep V-neckline, so as to highlight the décolleté. Why don’t you take a look at our plus size wedding dress proposals?

Rectangular physique: give light to your shapes

If you have the same width across shoulders, waist and hips then you have the classic rectangular shape. How to choose the perfect wedding dress? You have to opt for a dress that highlights your shapes with some “magheggio”. A slip dress isn’t the best choice, while a mermaid dress would give you the momentum you need for a plush gait and a curvy silhouette. The secret to flattering your broad shoulders is to show off a delightful bateau neckline. Keep these tips in mind also when choosing a possible ceremony dress.

Hourglass physique: a perfect balance

Dear hourglass bride, you are the luckiest! Your body shape allows you to wear roughly any type of dress, precisely because of your main characteristic of having shoulders and hips with the same width and with the classic wasp waist. The mermaid wedding dress, for example, will be able to wrap you perfectly, enhancing the bust, hips and waistline. If you are looking for a less enveloping dress, slip models will be able to give you that typical charm of a goddess, preferably with a sweetheart neckline. Instead, avoid the empire style because, paradoxically, it would hide your beautiful and sinuous shapes, giving you only extra kilos.

What neckline to choose?

We anticipated it a little while talking about the shape of the body, but how many types of neckline are there for the dress? A useful secret on how to choose the wedding dress is in fact to leave or at least give an important weight to the neckline. Keep in mind that a very pronounced breast will have to be enhanced to the best and that therefore you will necessarily have to choose a low-cut dress, perhaps sweetheart or with a square neckline. This because? A high-necked dress would only make you look more plump, a low-cut dress instead will slim the upper body, making the neck appear longer as well. Find your personal style of wedding dress and be the most beautiful bride.

A type of neckline that instead enhances both women with large breasts and those with little breasts is that called humeral. A very sensual neckline, let’s say a mix between a sweetheart neckline and a square one. Find out exactly what this is all about in this gallery article.

●square neckline: enhances the breast and compresses it slightly, for those who want to show off their shapes in an elegant way;

●humeral neckline: both for those with large breasts and for those with little, for classic brides;

●V-neckline: a shallow V but wide up to the shoulders for those with large breasts, a very deep V on the belly for those who have little breasts and have a bold character;

●sweetheart neckline: ideal for the more shapely, to slim the figure and give a romantic effect;

●boat neckline: for an elegant and not too curvy bride;

●halter neckline: for those who do not have much breasts and who want to dare with a neckline that is different from the more classic ones;

●strapless neckline: ideal for small to medium breasts;

●round neckline: simple and ideal for small brides with narrow shoulders but also for those with generous shapes. Here is a gallery of dresses with a round neckline.

The sleeves

Not only the neckline is one of the key elements of a dress. If you really want to understand how to choose the perfect wedding dress, you will have to think about the sleeves as well. Long, three-quarter length, short-sleeved or sleeveless, also in this case the range of options is very wide. The most unusual choice, but still a winning one, is that of a wedding dress with short sleeves, as usually we tend to decide for an elegant long sleeve or directly to choose a romantic sleeveless dress. But if you want to get out of the box a little, we suggest you take a look at our gallery of wedding dresses with short sleeves, where you will also find the different necklines to match them.

Long sleeves, on the other hand, are among the most popular, both for refinement and because they could help hide some small imperfections. The options in this category are between opaque, puffed, lace-embroidered or wide sleeves. Here is a gallery of long sleeve wedding dresses not to be missed. The same characteristics in principle also apply to the three-quarter sleeves, which enhance the physicality of curvy brides and which, in general, lengthen the lines. Here is an article on wedding dresses with three-quarter sleeves that will help you choose.

Choose the wedding dress according to age

Every woman is free to wear what she most desires, especially on the occasion of her wedding. It is true that depending on the age there are clothes that more or less enhance the figure. Obviously, a person’s style also affects the choice but it is essential to be aware that a princess wedding dress is not so suitable for a 50 or 60-year-old lady, and in the same way it is clear that a dress that is too serious, formal, perhaps a sheath dress with a veil combined with it is not ideal for a young bride just twenty years old. Here is an article that focuses on this theme: how to choose the wedding dress based on age. What if it’s a second wedding? We can help you with that too! Keep up with fashion wedding dresses and choose the right one.

In any case, let’s be clear: the first rule is to feel at ease, so if you want to get out of the box and not care about the age factor, you are free to dare and be happy wearing the wedding dress that has broken your heart!

What season are you getting married?

Summer, autumn, winter or spring? The season of the year is another decisive factor, which can only affect the choice of the wedding dress. It’s a bit like our wardrobe: you certainly can’t wear a pair of shorts in the middle of December. And so also the winter wedding dress will have characteristics that differentiate it from the summer one, especially as regards the accessories to match, such as furs, socks, muffs, gloves and coats. 

As for the shape, however, a summer or spring wedding dress will tend not to have sleeves, an almost fundamental aspect during a wedding celebrated in the middle of January. And the fabric? Obviously there are fabrics for every season, such as taffeta and brocade for the winter, lace or very light fabrics for the summer. If you still don’t have such clear ideas, we invite you to deepen the topic by reading our article on how to choose the wedding dress according to the season of the year.

White or colored?

No wonder that for the day of their wedding most of the future brides choose to wear a total white look! A symbol of purity and innocence, in fact, the white wedding dress represents that homage to the wedding tradition that even the most whimsical bride does not want to miss. Although over the years its deeper meaning has been lost, the custom of wearing an outfit with candid shades has remained in vogue. On the other hand, however, it is also true that in contemporary society tradition has evolved, leaving room for a more current and innovative image of the idea of ​​marriage: there is no wedding fashion atelier that does not present colorful and stylish wedding dresses latest fashion. So, tradition or subversion?

Honor to tradition in the whiteness of white

If you have just started the “tour de force” between prestigious ateliers and high fashion boutiques, you will soon realize how white is the predominant color among the various wedding dresses in lace, tulle or organza. Because? The real motivation has deeper roots than one might imagine: back in 1840, in the Victorian era, it was the very refined Queen Victoria of England who established that this shade in its immaculate purity should have represented the color par excellence in wedding dresses, as it gave way to highlight and enhance the precious workmanship of the fabrics and materials with which the garments were made. Furthermore, the white also represented the chastity of the bride, the purity of a young girl whose life would radically change after marriage.

Bold choice with a colorful look

The choice of a dress with colorful shades, on the contrary, is often linked to an ideal of transgression that is well detached from the imaginary of purity and innocence characteristic of a look in shades of white. Until recently it was almost mandatory to wear a white dress, except for second weddings: today, however, this idea has been almost completely abandoned and there are many future brides who decide to adopt a colorful outfit, simply to personal taste or for a choice of expression of one’s character.

In conclusion: white or colored dress?

In summary, what are the advantages of wearing a white dress? In addition to the clear reference to tradition and the typical wedding atmosphere, this color is very suitable for all future brides who have chosen to imprint their wedding on a classic and absolutely chic style. Furthermore, the figure of the bride dressed in white always exerts an essential charm and embodies a symbolic value of refinement, elegance and purity, all necessary qualities that, according to the collective imagination, a woman must possess in order to present herself at the altar. And let’s face it, how many wear a total white look during their everyday life? Wearing a dress, shoes and various accessories in shades of white is also a way to stand out from the rest of the guests, to be the one and only protagonist of the party. 

Dress length

Let’s talk about another macro-topic, decisive for the choice of the wedding dress: the length of the dress. Most brides opt, as per tradition, for the long dress, often with a train. It is a bit like when we faced the theme of white or colored: the wedding dress is traditionally white and long, and it is difficult to get away from these customs that are very “wedding”. However, there are other types of cuts, such as the short and purely jaunty one and the half-length one, which gives elegance and, in truth, slims the figure. 

Long wedding dress

How to give up the classic wedding dress? Whether it has a train or not, the long wedding dress is still the best seller today. In this category, however, different styles and characters stand out: the sensuality of a mermaid dress, the classicism of a princely dress, the simplicity of a dress with a slipped skirt, in soft fabric. Women who choose to go to the altar in a long dress certainly don’t have the same personality! And what about the train? There are those who choose to avoid it, those who instead want to make it the protagonist. 

Short wedding dress

Short dresses are the option most chosen by older brides or by those who do not want to follow wedding traditions to the letter. Even short brides will be able to choose this type of dress with a light heart, which will enhance and slim them, not to mention women whose strong point is their legs. Also in this case there are many styles: balloon, sheath dress, with train attached only in the back; however, all have a cut above the knee. Here are some ideas for your short wedding dress.

Half length wedding dress

A tribute to the fifties, but also to the twenties: over time the so-called midi dress has often been the protagonist of the fashion catwalks. So why not consider it as a cut for a wedding dress? Perhaps the least chosen but in our opinion one of the most elegant: the half-length wedding dress aims to enhance the female figure and make even the shorter brides look taller. Obviously, it depends on how the dress in question will be: a slip dress, with a cut above the ankle and tight at the waist will slim the bride, giving her a slightly vintage look, especially if the chosen fabric is lace or macramé. A very tight sheath dress, with a mid-calf cut, on the other hand, will be perfect for a tall and slender woman, while a balloon dress with a skirt just below the knee could hide some imperfections in the waist or hip area.

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