The Most Popular Interior Trends On Pinterest

Like every year, Pinterest unveils its ranking of the major trends that will mark the year, based on user research on the platform. And like every year, decoration and more generally the art of living hold a special place.

When we know that 8 out of 10 of the platform’s predictions were found to be correct in this year, it is interesting to offer a decryption of the major Pinterest decor trends that will mark next year.

With more than 250 million Internet users worldwide using this social network for sharing images and web content to discover more and more new ideas to test, the emerging trends are rapidly being confirmed and the acceleration is often dazzling. Parenthood, fashion, food, travel, leisure.

The furniture trends from Pinterest

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the most used social networks in the world. Here users, in addition to collecting inspiration for outfits, bullet journals and iconic photos on various boards, also collect different inspirations in terms of interior design and home furnishings. In fact, the trends for the home that come from Pinterest are different and, above all, they are very varied. From Japandi-style furniture to minimal interior choices, here are the hottest trends on the well-known social network.


The name of this trend comes from the crasis between closet and office, then wardrobe and office. This trend is aimed in particular at all those who want to improve their workspace at home. To make it happen you too will have to choose an ultra-functional desk, furniture with different shelves and spaces where you can insert your laptop or desktop. As for the colors, go ahead for your personal taste. There are no rules, the important thing for a space in true Cloffice style is that everything is tidy and hyper functional.


The Japandi style is certainly among the hottest ones in this period and obviously Pinterest users could not fail to notice. This style of furniture combines the modern-rustic elements of Scandinavian design with the refinement of the Japanese style. The peculiarity of these trends is the maintenance of clean and functional lines complemented by natural textures and small touches of color. It is important, if you choose this type of furniture, to think about quality and not quantity. The goal is to have a minimalist, functional house with colors that recall those of nature.


This trend, super popular on Pinterest, is certainly very bold. The “Neon rooms”, in particular, are highly valued among young people belonging to Generation Z. To create a “Neon” style room you will have to make a large supply of LED lights and arrange them in the spaces as you prefer. The result will be colorful and will surely leave your guests speechless.


After infecting the world of fashion, the minimalist style is also infecting home furnishings. On Pinterest there are many bulletin boards that collect images of minimal style living spaces. In particular, the “Grand Millennial” style is now all the rage, that is to maintain a minimal style in the furniture, but choosing light color palettes and furniture consistent in shapes and shades to avoid the “eyesore” effect.


If you are a fan of wallpaper, you are in luck, as it is officially back in fashion. In fact, among the most sought-after trends on Pinterest, there are those to find inspiration on the most beautiful wallpapers. Here too, there are no limits, neither of colors nor of patterns. Everything is allowed, you just need to follow your personal taste and that’s it.

All the trends that are catching on on Pinterest

We spend too much time clicking on Pinterest, but apparently we’re in good company. According to the site’s year-end report, there was a 75% increase in home Pins this year. And our money also ends up in exactly the same industry we saved the images from – people who use Pinterest spend 27% more on decor than those who don’t. Judging by the trending research, these home decor trends are set to explode this year.

Wall Art

Bare walls are officially out of date – and big brands are doing everything they can to accelerate this trend. Wall art Pins are up 637% this year.

Plants with patterns

Bedroom plants can help you sleep, and choosing patterned leaves can help keep the trend in the new year. Patterned plants Pins increased by 533% this year.

Metallic mixes

We’re looking at our stainless steel kitchens with rose gold glasses, or something like that. Mixed metallics Pins are up 423% this year.

Terrazzo floors

Flared trousers may not have been very successful, but the most used floor design of the 1970s certainly is. Terrace Pins increased by 316% this year.

Ceilings protagonists

This year is looking up – or, at least, that’s the way it is. Whether you choose paint, paper or intricate designs, pay attention to the ceiling. Pins for “statement ceilings” have risen 310% this year.

Spa-inspired bathrooms

While we can’t escape to the Bahamas, we all dream of resort bathrooms and rattan furniture. Pins for “spa baths” have increased by 269% this year.

The 13 home decor trends on Pinterest

Wall clockwork

This concerns more watches than wall clocks, but the Pinterest Predict report also insists on the fact that we will find elements of this trend in interior decoration, in particular through oversized clocks.

The house for animals

The pet deserves, according to Pinterest users, a much more important place in the house next year. Its comfort and well-being also go through the interior design, which also remains aesthetic.

Gothic decor

The goth style is back in force for the home! A Pinterest decoration trend that may surprise, but very real for next year with a strong acceleration of research on this theme.

Nature takes over the decor

Not surprisingly, the natural decoration trend will strengthen this year, according to Pinterest, to gain the upper hand in interiors. Plants promote inspiration, rest and well-being at home. We are also discovering more and more research associated with biophilic architecture (a concept that integrates nature into our environment).

Emotional pieces

The Pinterest Predict decor trends report highlights a concept we love here at Homelisty. The emotional pieces! We no longer seek to simply decorate by following the trends, the visual and the aesthetic, but according to the emotion that we want to feel. We obviously think of cozy and cocooning spaces, meditation corners, but also rooms to release stress and anger!

The antique chic decor

We had already spoken about it in our guide to the decoration trends of the moment, ancient Greece inspires interior decoration, in a chic and surprising way. The old inspires the new, interesting!

The soothing decor

Logically enough, we ask more of the trendy decor of the next year than to simply decorate! We also and above all expect it to soothe, to serve our well-being (inside). Pinterest is showing the trend across school classrooms, but it also applies to the home.

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