How To Choose The Right Outfit For The Day (Complete Guide)

Choosing everyday outfits is often a difficult task. Finding the right outfit is a real challenge, and getting your look day after day is not that easy. In general, you have to combine comfort, style and practicality. I give you my advice to choose the outfit that meets your mood, your desires, your requirements.

Every morning it’s the same routine, you look at your closet wondering what you are going to be able to wear, and finally end up choosing the same outfit that you wear every Wednesday. Result, you are late and your colleague throws you a “do you have that T-shirt? Say goodbye to routine and get out of this vicious circle by following these 10 tips for choosing the right outfit in the morning! There are different types of fashion styles from which you can choose, and we will help you to get inspired and choose the best outfit for the day.

What do you want

Sometimes the best way to dress well on a daily basis is to simply follow your whims. From your wardrobe, select the outfits you like. I often let myself be guided by the outfits that I like. It’s a great way for me to stay true to myself. I choose to wear outfits that I like in my closet. To put it simply, I always try to choose my outfit of the day the day before to save time. Because choosing an outfit usually takes time. Selection begins based on inspirations, needs, occasions, etc.

Comfortable in your everyday clothes

It’s hard to find a more complicated fashion challenge: choosing an outfit, succeeding in a look, and this day after day throughout your life! Millions of micro-choices to make every day to find the right outfit, the look that suits us and the clothes that suit us… according to our desires of the moment, our mood of the day and the requirements of the schedule. Before giving you all our tips for choosing the right outfit for the day, at Fourchette & Bikini, we decided to applaud all those who take up the challenge on a daily basis, by combining style and comfort, fashion and practicality, without flinching and without s ‘piss off!Choosing everyday outfits is often a difficult task. Finding the right outfit is a real challenge, and getting your look day after day is not that easy. In general, you have to combine comfort, style and practicality. I give you my advice to choose the outfit that meets your mood, your desires, your requirements.

Take stock

The question is not what is wrong, but what is. And what goes, for us! To choose your outfit of the day, we forget the dictates of fashion (in any case, we try) and the ever crazier demands of the perfect body. We rather take stock of what we like about us, the parts to highlight … and the complexes that we have tried somehow to accept, but that in the meantime we prefer to hide. The interest? It all depends on our moods and our morale, so it is better to ask the question before choosing clothes, to avoid feeling bad all day in a mini-dress on a day when you feel bloated.

Think about the schedule

A morning at the office, an afternoon of shopping, the children’s birthday party or a crazy evening at the end of the day: to choose the right outfit, you might as well take stock of what she is going to undergo! Avoid fishnet stockings at the office and stiletto heels for shopping, plan on comfy for blowing birthday balloons and versatile outfit for the evening, unless you pack an extra bag to change before leaving the office. In other words? We check our schedule, we think practical, comfort and dress code. What seriously reduce the choice of outfits.

Check the weather

If fishnet stockings go badly in the office, they go even worse in February by -10 ° C. And without going that far, who has never shivered all day long, knowing in advance the deadly cold that promises to have overestimated the sun’s goodwill? The divine star has its limits and has a tendency to let go of us at the worst time, all the more reason to check the weather the same morning or the night before. Its reliability is questionable, okay, but we’ll at least know if today’s outfit has to include sandals or rubber boots.

Think about the comfort

The look is very pretty, but there is no question of going back to the unfortunate days of the corset. Today, we need to move and, incidentally, to breathe. In other words, we don’t choose our outfit of the day for its image on the hanger: we try, we move, we sit down and we get up. As for the balance between comfort and style, we reassure you, it exists! Soft pants, stretch jeans, luxury linen or silk T-shirts, blazers with elastane: we focus on quality, stretchy and little wrinkle materials. We avoid anything that is too tight, underwear included, and we choose shoes in which we can walk without suffering.

Sort it out

Choosing your outfit for the day in front of an overflowing closet is not only complicated, but almost superhuman. We no longer know, we no longer see, we are drowning in colors and materials. The only solution, sorting! We remove from the wardrobe all the pieces that we keep “just in case”, “maybe one day” and “because it’s beautiful even if it doesn’t suit me”, a real visual pollution when choosing its clothes. Say goodbye to the superfluous, so we only keep in our closet the pieces we like, which fit us and which are in good condition.

Start with a piece

Do you shudder as soon as you open the closet? Don’t panic, choosing your everyday outfit comes down to choosing a piece! Any self-respecting look should be built around a major piece, a starting point that allows the passage to streamline the process. Jeans, a pair of shoes, a handbag or a skirt, whatever the room as long as it meets a desire, adapts to the weather forecast and the schedule of the day, while being comfortable. All that remains is to embroider around for the rest!


The main piece determines everything else of the look, and don’t forget that you can get inspired by the most fashion houses which have the most amazing accessories for your outfit. The master word? Contrast! To balance a daily outfit, a few principles apply (almost) every time. A fitted bottom requires, for example, a loose top to balance the volumes, and vice versa; a cropped top with a low neckline goes better with a demure bottom and not too short to balance the styles… And (again!) conversely, a mini-skirt is more modern with a sports sweatshirt than with a tight bustier! As for the colors, we base ourselves on the color of the centerpiece. We then build either in monochrome or in contrasts, limiting ourselves to one main color and two secondary ones.

Ask for an opinion

Because contemplating yourself in a mirror with complete objectivity is as easy as going back and forth to hell, we do not rule out the idea of ​​getting help, provided you choose the privileged one! Yes, having the right to comment on our royal look is a privilege. We only grant it to relatives or professionals, but above all, objective and benevolent people at the same time. A balance not always easy to achieve! For those who struggle every morning wondering what suits them or not, calling on an image or makeover professional can greatly simplify the choice of outfit by offering some basic rules adapted to their morphology.

Take an example

To renew your outfit ideas day after day, make way for inspiration boards! Magazines, internet, tv or simply in the street, we open our eyes wide to create a mental library of associations that we like. For an even more visual result, we invest Pinterest and its ilk, in order to pin on the same table all the looks to our taste crossed on the net. Stars or strangers, it doesn’t matter, only ready-made ideas count: ideally, we multiply the inspiration tables to create one for day, one for evening, a sport, a pro, one around jeans, one around the skirt, one around the sneakers, etc.

How to match your clothes?

The fashion, the trends, the pieces that you keep buying and that you accumulate on your shelves, does it mean anything to you? The strong printed pieces that you don’t know how to match with the rest of your wardrobe or those raw jeans that you love but that you would like to wear differently?

Play with contrasts

Once you have decided on THE piece of your day, take the next step, go to your wardrobe. Since you already have lots of ideas in your head, it is also very important that your wardrobe is well organized. Similar pieces should be stored together and as many pieces as possible should be on a hanger so that you can see your wardrobe entity at a glance.

In order to organize and sort your wardrobe, read my article how to sort and reorganize your wardrobe before proceeding to the rest of this step. Now apply a simple trick to match your clothes: think about the balance of the rooms by playing on the contrasts of volumes. And yes, it’s that easy!

Bet on overlays

Layers are the key to a successful look. Not to mention the jacket or coat that we’ll cover next, let’s talk about layered clothing overlays. Did you know that by superimposing a sleeveless vest on a tunic you will lengthen your figure? And yes, by superimposing the clothes and leaving the upper garment open you will create vertical lines which by optical effect will lengthen your silhouette.

In winter, it is clear that you can add a cardigan or cardigan to a sweater. Once again, consider mixing shorter length pieces with slightly longer pieces. Creating layers will help you structure your outfits. So do not hesitate to play on the lengths. For example, wear a long shirt (below the buttocks) over a slightly shorter round neck sweater so that the shirt collar and shirt length can be seen.

Find the right overcoat

So far, all is well, but let’s step up a gear. You will often need to cover up and wear an extra layer on top of the outfit you just put together. And there, it can get complicated. Between a trench coat, a leather jacket and the many choices of coats, you don’t know what to wear to best complete your outfit. Remember that short or knee-length skirts, whether they are tight, pleated or flared are always prettier with a long coat (knee length) than with a perfecto or a short coat (which reaches the hip bone).

Create color harmonies

Associating colors with each other is also one of the recurring puzzles in your comments. And yet, it is not very complicated, it just takes a little practice. I invite you to read my article how to wear color between them in order to see more clearly.

Combine colors with intelligence and elegance

Subtly recall a shade of your outfit with an accessory, for example your purse, belt, shoes or even nail polish. Colorful accessories will boost all your looks. Do you like tone on tone? Then combine different materials, such as silk and leather or wool, to make your outfit more interesting. If you are small, you will lengthen your figure optically by opting for an outfit in one color. Do you prefer more color? On mix & match, you will discover the colors that match well. But feel free to experiment – everything is possible as long as you feel good!

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