The Best Costumes And Iconic Dresses From Movies

On average, $ 9,000 – $ 20,000 is spent on wardrobes in movies. This money is often not enough and the costume designers have to work very hard to make beautiful clothes that can correctly express the characters. We are always interested in movie costumes. Sometimes they are so impressive that they make us want to find out who created them. Today we opened the backstage doors of 14 iconic films.

What are the movie that, for costumes and clothes, can be considered the most beautiful in the history of cinema? Discover them below. Compelling storylines, protagonists madly in love, antagonists blinded by hatred and lots and lots of fashion! The movies selected below are a mix of adventure, romance, drama and fashion! Find out which are the films in which the clothes are so perfect, studied down to the last detail, that they themselves become the protagonists.

The most beautiful costumes in movies

Sometimes, what keeps us glued dreamy to the big screen has more to do with the clothes beautiful wearing the actors with the story itself. From Cher’s perfect wardrobe in Clueless, to Holly Golightly’s Tiffany jewels; from Baz Luhrmann’s wonderful masterpiece “Mouline Rouge” or “The Great Gatsby,” to Tom Ford’s incredible “Single Man” or funny “Mean Girls” these films have one thing in common: they all have a history of costumes that makes it unique. In every movie you will see a different types of fashion styles, fashion trends from the past and many fashion icons.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Somewhere in the center of Europe, in the country of Zubrovka, against the backdrop of the mountains stands a huge, pink and ragged hotel “Grand Budapest.” 1968 is not the best time for him. This hotel is home to a famous writer whose curiosity at the table prompts the administrator Gustav to recall the heyday of the hotel. Mr. Gustav could do anything for the guests. He also demanded flawless service from others. In this way, the owner of the hotel has not only earned the respect of the staff and the hospitality of the guests, but has also received the legacy of a former guest: a Renaissance painting. However, relatives of the deceased also visit it.

Anna Karenina

19th century Russia. Anna Karenina is a young married woman belonging to one of the highest strata of society. On the way to his brother in Moscow, the woman hopes to reconcile him with his wife, but Anna’s fate is changed by an unexpected acquaintance with Count Vronsky. Despite the mutual passion between her and the man she met at the station, the woman returns to the arms of her unloved son and husband. However, Vronski, who looked at the beautiful Anna, does not even intend to easily free the woman and looks for an opportunity to see her again. After paying her attention to her husband, the woman who lives in love without love tries to find happiness in Vronsky’s arms, but the passionate novel further complicates Anna’s life.

The Artist

In 1927, the popular and beloved George Valentine reaches the pinnacle of his career and is preparing intensely for a new premiere. He likes to interact with a great accompaniment of fans and never misses opportunities to thank for the attention shown. One fateful day in the crowd of fans, George notices a beautiful girl, Pepi Miler, whose hidden talents and enchanting charm no one has yet noticed. He agrees to take a picture together and with a few small tricks pushes Pepi into unimaginable glory.

It’s a shame, but George’s glory curve begins to plummet as Hollywood producers dive into making films with the sound they’ve just learned to use. Talking films blatantly dominate cinemas, but George Valentine stubbornly refuses to adapt to the winds of modern invention and is ambitiously riding an old movie. Angry at the pipe maker, he decides to finance the silent action and adventure thriller with his savings, but no one is in a hurry to watch it.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has been one of the world’s favorite children’s fairy tales since 1865, but it contains so much more. Meanwhile, adults all over the world admire the writer’s imagination, whose leader has transformed L. Kerolis into an inexhaustible casket of allegories, symbols and secrets. The story of the girl Alice, who followed the Rabbit into her cave, has inspired many literary, artistic and film directors. Tim Burton is also famous for his inferior fantasy and masterful allegories, so it was probably only a matter of time before he finally started projecting this magicalory.

The Young Victoria

Great Britain of the Golden Age … Changes are maturing in the Royal Palace: the young Princess Victoria will soon be eighteen years old and will be crowned sovereign of the empire. But there are no friends in the fight for the throne – those who dig advice and smile in their eyes have their intentions in their hearts … The future queen cannot trust even her mother. Prince Albert, who refused to take part in the manipulations of the courtiers, soon became Victoria’s only friend. The feelings erupted between Victoria and the charming young man will become the most romantic romance in the history of England.

The Duchess

This costume film, based on a book by Amanda Foreman, tells the story of a historical figure, the Georgian Duchess, who lived in the 18th century. The beautiful woman became famous as a rebel, a politician. At the age of seventeen, Georgiana is married to the Duke of Devonshire. The husband expects his successor, but the wife still gives birth to daughters. The prince distances himself from Georgiana and chooses his best friend as his lover. However, changes are also taking place in Georgiana’s life: a love story begins with a promising politician Charles Gray.

The Aviator

One of the most striking figures of the 20th century, Howard Hughes was a true American dream: an influential innovator, a cunning industrialist, a charming film producer, and an avid aviator. The Aviator focuses on the most productive and arguably most exciting period in Hughes’ life, from the 1920s to the 1940s, when his passion and dedication to work earned him amazing inventions in both the aviation and film industries. In a time of great inventions, frantic love affairs, and brutal corporate struggles, Howard Hughes’ ambitions first faced the price of fame, money, and the cultivation of perfection he cultivated.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Newcomer Newt Skamander, who came to the United States Congress of Wizards to search for and rescue magical animals, is in trouble – some fantastic animals kept in his magical suitcase are missing. Taking advantage of this, the organization that seeks the extermination of wizards becomes more active. The power of the wizarding world is very unhappy with this and Newt is forced to flee. The crisis is compounded by the growing conflict between wizards and gamblers. The skamander must find out what’s behind the sudden chaos and panic that has erupted and, furthermore, catch the fantastic beasts that have escaped from his suitcase as soon as possible before they are able to cause damage.

Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread dates back to the 20th century. Behind the scenes of the world of fashion, taking the viewer to London in the 1950s. About designer Reynolds Woodcockand his sister Siril revolve around the entire world of British fashion: the duo prepares the royal family, movie stars, cream of the nobility, a rich heirloom and party lions, whose secret of style and charm: Reynolds decorations Woodcock. Thousands of women flock to the one constipated studio, but none can move the master’s heart.

Once upon a time the beauty home Woodcock crosses the threshold of the beautiful Alma, who will soon become the muse and lover of the fashion icon. The fashion empire, which has been carefully created and controlled for many years, is beginning to fluctuate, shaking the foundations of the life of a talented designer with a love that has a unique shade.

American Hustle

The American Scam tells the story of the talented scammer Irving Rosenfeld and the people around him at the turn of the eighties-eighties of the last decade in America. Scammers have a choice: help an FBI agent plant several other illegal actors or The choice is clear: Irving and Sydney become FBI informants.

Basic Instinct 

Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon Stone, is a true femme fatale. But she looks like a classic Hitchcock blonde. The costume designers wanted her clothes to have neutral colors and didn’t give her revealing outfits. And at first she wears a cute beige cardigan. And then we see the iconic dress of the interrogation scene. The light color doesn’t make it too revealing, but viewers already understand it’s not that simple. She is a manipulator who knows how to use clothes to her advantage.

The Tourist

Colleen Atwood has combined vintage and modern fashion to create a world of timeless chic. This is why there are no screaming clothes in the movie, just neutral colors and elegant simplicity. This is exactly what the main character is wearing. The fact that she hides many secrets is suggested not only by her clothes but by their details, such as her gloves and red lipstick, or the peach-colored ribbon at her waist. These little things show viewers that she is a mysterious woman.

Tale of Tales

This designer worked a lot creating many clothes for all characters, from peasants to monarchs. And the task was quite difficult: the designers had to make clothes that looked historical and imaginative at the same time. Salma Hayek’s clothes deserve a lot of attention. At first he wears dark clothes that reflect his dark thoughts. But once she has the child she always wanted, she wears a red and black dress. The idea is that the dress shows the happiness inside the queen. By the way, original 18th century embroidery, lace and buttons were used to make this dress.

Gone with the Wind

This film shows events spanning 15 years, so creating plausible costumes was a difficult task. Plunkett studied historical materials, made fabrics look older than they were, and even went on an expedition to procure the pins that were used in place of needles. And there was the legendary dress made of green velvet curtains that Mammy was to sew.

Gangster Squad

In this film, men wear broad-shouldered jackets, silk T-shirts, short ties, and baggy hats – this is the attire that villains wore in the 1940s. To create historically accurate dresses, Mary Zophres did some extensive research. Emma Stone is a bright spot in this film. In one of the scenes, she is wearing a bright red dress. Her look was inspired by a dress by the legendary Rita Hayworth. It had to be the symbol of 1940s glamor.

The World is Not Enough

The costume designers who worked on the James Bond films first read the script, then researched fashion trends and discussed the clothes with the director. Hence, the clothes not only looked trendy but also helped to show the nature of the characters. Elektra King’s iconic red dress symbolizes her anger, and her silk cloak shows off her high social status. The color red creates the illusion that she is just a beautiful woman, but not a dangerous enemy. The dress was made entirely by hand.

Coco before Chanel

To recreate the style of the legendary Coco, Leterrier went through photographic archives, went to museums and searched for necessary fabrics at flea markets. Viewers found out what young Coco was like: talented, bright, pompous and very poor. Her non-conformist nature is also shown through her clothes. While other characters look feminine, Coco wears oversized masculine-style clothing. When others wear something bright, Coco chooses dark colors. Thanks to Audrey Tatou‘s perfect costumes and great acting, the main character achieves the impossible: he dresses like a clown but looks stunning.

Dirty Dancing

The main plot of the film is the growth of Baby. The character’s transformation from a shy girl to a confident young woman is shown through dance and clothing. The latter become more open but not too much. The costume designer had to do a great job creating the rebel fashion outfits of the 60s.

Johnny plays a very important role in the girl’s life. In the legendary scene of their final dance, the characters are perfectly visible. Johnny is wearing a leather jacket and a black shirt – he’s definitely a bad boy. And Baby is wearing a cute pink dress that many girls wanted after watching this movie.

The Matrix

The costumes in this film not only improved it, but also conveyed the message. Think about the characters’ real-world clothing. But in the Matrix, they could wear all the trendy clothes they wanted.

Trinity had to look like a wildfire – that’s what the directors wanted. It defies gravity, appears out of nowhere and disappears quickly. Kym Barrett found a great solution: PVC clothes that looked perfect and were pretty cheap.

The clothes are tight but do not reveal. They point out Trinity’s big role: she’s not a typical movie girl, she’s a fighter on an important mission. Do you pay attention to the clothing of the characters in the movies? Which movie dresses do you like best?

The Great Gatsby

Mia Farrow caused a sensation in this film adaptation of Francis Scott Fitzgerald ‘s 1974 novel in which she played the character of Daisy. Her unforgettable outfit? A pearl evening dress, with a matching headdress, accompanied by a mini handbag.

The black swan

The dresses for the prima ballerina, made of feathers and noir gossamer tulle, were created by the designers of J. Mendel and Oscar de la Renta. Even the high fashion brand Rodarte was the great protagonist, reaching global success with this film and touching the cinema world for the first time. The clothes themselves immediately become protagonists on the stage.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The 1961 adaptation of Truman Capote‘s novel transformed “eating a croissant in front of a shop window” into an extravagant rite of passage and has since made it synonymous with the English actress. The dresses are simply unforgettable!

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