The Best Ways to Promote Your Business On Social Media

When you are a merchant or business creator, you initially focus on your product and your project. It is above all the technical and administrative aspects that take precedence over sales and traffic generation.

And it is only once that it is ready and that one has launched his activity that one is confronted with the biggest problem: how to make known his company and to bring people with an often limited budget? This is also the case when you have created your business a few years ago, but you have seen a decline in activity (fewer customers, less loyal customers, etc.).

When customers cannot come to you – you have to go to them. In this difficult period of the pandemic, many people work from home and shop online, and it is often while browsing social networks that they make important decisions before even pulling out the credit card. Here’s how to get their attention.

How to choose a social network for promotion

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most popular social media branding features.


It is the largest social network in the world, gathering more than 2.2 billion active users. Promoting your business on Facebook is promising: first, the audience is large enough for any type of business, small business or large one, and second, social media activities bring together an adult buying audience.

Facebook audiences value quality content. Brands are offered several paid promotion tools, performance tools, Facebook Pixel to collect information on user behavior, personalized Facebook Messenger bots and dozens of other features.

The general conclusion is that the social network is suitable for almost all fields of activity (apart from those which are prohibited by site rules and by law). The effectiveness of promotion depends directly on advertising.


Twitter is known for his short messages. The most interesting of them are quickly shared by users via retweets. Business promotion on Twitter should be seen as an opportunity to quickly inform the public and attract users to the site (increase traffic). This social network offers brands advertising tools.

The general conclusion is that this platform is suitable for very active companies and social success stories. If you can tweet 3-5 times a day with short reports on current events, this social network is perfect for your brand. 


It is a rapidly developing progressive platform. Its main feature is the content in the form of images, photos and short videos. It brings together a young audience and offers quick conversions to brands offering clothing, accessories, decorative items and other products with high visual value. You can do business on Instagram naturally (by creating and posting great content). Advertising tools are also provided.


Like Instagram, this site primarily focuses on visual content. Promotion on Pinterest is suitable for brands offering products and services. Users often use this social network as a “list of upcoming purchases”: they add the products they like. According to statistics, 21% of purchases are made from added products.

Promotion strategies on any social network

Content marketing, community management, viral marketing, organic advertising, and targeted advertising are all methods of promoting a brand’s business account that can be applied across all sites. But what if we went beyond methods and tools to look at current promotion strategies?

Listen to your audience

Respect every opinion. Be grateful for every advice. Answer all questions. Heed the criticisms and try to understand the situation. All subscriber opinions, including negative ones, are useful for the brand. They illustrate negative emotions of customers and help find ways to improve a service or product. Then:

●read whatever customers write on your page. Join the discussions;

●conduct surveys to get customer opinions;

●turn problems (negative comments) into solutions.

Show your expert knowledge

Publish content that brings new knowledge to your target audience. Combine expert knowledge with a clear presentation. Talk about your business and your product. Show that you are professionals in your industry and there are easy ways to make money online. What can be done?

●shoot videos explaining the creation of your products, showcase people and technologies;

●create instructional videos on how to use your product;

●develop a series of articles in which representatives of your company will give useful information to your audience.

Balance is important: make the presentation format suitable for social media, but don’t leave room for incompetence. When creating content, combine the efforts of company experts with the creative team responsible for managing social media content.

Nothing but the quality

The formula is simple: it is better to attract 10 real supporters of the brand than 100 random people. It is better to make 1 interesting post per day than 10 saying “hello” or “good evening”. Better to proofread every word perfectly and verify every word than to lose your reputation because of a mistake or an ambiguous sentence. Quality content for social networks consists of:

●professional advice, instructions and opinions;

●real cases and success stories;

●important news and messages;

●thoughts and opinions from brand executives;

●collections of books and films of interest to your audience;

●entertaining items well combined with others.

Partner with experienced professionals

Social networks are a world of relationships. Whether you’re responding to comments on Facebook or building your professional network on LinkedIn, taking the time to connect with experienced and business-minded professionals is essential. Just create content every week and schedule it. How does this help you? When you’ve already set up your content for an entire week, you can take 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to respond to any questions or comments you’ve received on social media.

Engage with potential customers, not just anyone

Without a doubt, when you’re on social media, you have millions of people to engage with. But as a small business owner, it would be better to engage with potential customers rather than just anyone. You can achieve this by properly learning how to geotag on your Facebook business page (or any other social media page). Geolocation is the best way for local businesses to promote themselves. When people check in with your business, that’s free publicity for you since all of their connections will see those records. An average Facebook user has 100 connections (many have a lot more), and most of them are local. So a registration basically involves advertising to 100 potential customers. It also works wonders in the area of ​​social proof. It always works best when small businesses target their local market instead of targeting a large market that may or may not be interested in their products and services.

Know when to ask for help

The learning curve can be quite steep when it comes to advertisements on social platforms, and a good promotional campaign requires good supervision and careful optimization. Our small business customers don’t really have the time to invest in managing their network presence, so we’re doing it for them. Businesses using the Yellow Pages Facebook Solution benefit from the support of a campaign manager who will take care of the creation and optimization along the way of all elements associated with your project.

Publish user-created content

Content from your users gives your brand a more human face. And consumers appreciate the attention you pay them! It’s always nice to see a brand take back one of its photos or articles… As long as the author is correctly cited. Encourage your subscribers to join this process, clearly ask them to share their photos or videos of your products, with a dedicated hashtag. You can even attach this process to a competition: each month, reward the most original photo.


Consumers give more credit to what individuals say than to brands. The solution: humanize your business! Show them that there are many men and women like them behind your brand by participating in conversations on social media. Answer questions, give them tips, show your interest in the concerns they have with your products. Encourage them to get in touch with you and be totally available and open to questions.

Organize contests

The contests are very effective in attracting the attention of your target audience and boost engagement. It is also a very good way to increase your sales and retain your customers. All for a low cost, since you are offering your products or services. To be interesting, your contests must be simple and fun, with a nice reward. If possible, at the end, give all participants a small gift (a discount voucher or goodies, for example) and take the opportunity to ask for their email addresses in order to expand your prospect list.

Use the data

To fully understand your consumers and the profile of your subscribers, use the tools provided by social networks. These will reveal precious information to you on the profile of your community, the publications it appreciates and those that leave it unmoved, the days and times of presence. Thanks to this multiple data, you will be able to refine your social media strategy, propose posts in line with their expectations and publish at the best times. The more you know about your target, the more engagement your status will generate. Which means more leads and increased brand awareness.

Aim for loyalty

Do you want to promote your business through social networks? Start by building customer loyalty. Encourage them to subscribe to your page and most importantly, to stay. They are then the most likely to share your content with their own community. By turning into ambassadors, they bring you additional subscribers. This means more leads that you will be able to convert in the long term.

The four strategic planning considerations for social media

To create an effective strategic plan for social media, you need to:

●Consider how consumers use social media sites;

●Recognize and fully understand the differences between communication in the social space and traditional marketing techniques;

●Select the appropriate sites to connect with potential customers;

●Establish and follow an appropriate timetable for initiating dialogue in the social space.

What other communication to develop your business?

Certainly, the presence and communication on social networks is important these days. Anyone who owns a smartphone goes there several times a day. It is therefore a very effective communication tool.

Now, it is impossible to base your communication solely on your media presence. There are several reasons for this. The most important is certainly related to the age group on the different networks. If you are looking to target seniors, you know for a fact that you won’t have amazing results. If they are young people, again, the right channel will have to be chosen. For example, Twitter and Facebook are comfortable on the side.

Another reason may lead you to consider another type of communication. This mainly concerns the sectors of commercial activity. Even if you sell on the internet and have an online catalog, for many, the paper version is by far the preferred. This allows them in particular to corner the pages that interest them, to put notes and especially to have access to them even without an internet connection. You can also implement lessons about how to manage money better, which will captivate your customers attention.

When it comes to catalogs, you can find any type of catalog. The products are not the only ones affected. You can very well use it to sell services. To make the link with what we told you a few lines above, if you have a company offering services for seniors (remote alarm, home furnishings, cleaning, meal delivery, etc.), you have every interest in having support paper. Even if more and more of them are going on the internet, it is far from being the majority and it can remain complicated for them.

Establishing a winning strategy

Incorporating these important strategic planning tips into your own social media marketing efforts will go a long way in ensuring that your business uses social media appropriately, which in turn will enhance its image, build customer loyalty and attract new customers new customers while increasing brand awareness in a positive and modern way.

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