The 21 Jobs Of The Future

You may not know them yet and their names sound like characters from video games, but these professions are very real, located in the heart of the transformation of industry and construction. Dive into the future with BIM, IoT and other robotics engineers of tomorrow.

Will your work be done by a robot in 10 years? If so, what will you do? Time and time again, experts have assured us that robots are not going to take over the world in the near future, but for some industries their impact will still be felt.

Computer services company Cognizant 21 More Jobs of the Future suggests that “human beings will always be useful” in many trades, and that the world of technology will create new employment opportunities for the company. Read below and find out which are the jobs of the future.

Engineer in charge of sorting and collecting data

The “data-waste” theory is rather flawed: even if this data has not been used in the past 12 months, it still has the potential to be turned into information. Just as food waste can be used to generate green energy, unused data is still useful if cleaned up. These engineers must identify unused data in companies, “clean” it, and feed it into machine learning algorithms to find hidden information. Ultimately, the engineer’s goal is to turn this leftover data into treasures.

Cybersecurity engineer

One day in the near future, wars will increasingly be fought through virtual platforms rather than on the battlefield. Digital brawls similar to the 2015 blackout in Ukraine and the 2016 US presidential election will become quite common. Cybersecurity officers will be tasked with not only defending their nation’s infrastructure, but sometimes going on the offensive against enemy powers.

Reintegration counselor for young cyber delinquents

While cigarettes and alcohol are far from gone, the temptations to which young people are subjected today are very different from those of previous generations. These days, easy money is attracting more and more young people to cybercrime. Young cyber-offender reintegration counselors will work closely with them to rehabilitate them, helping them understand their talents and enabling them to make the most of their skills rather than exploiting others.

Designer of voice assistants

Considering the planet’s seven billion inhabitants, the potential for improving voice artificial intelligence platforms is still very significant. Studies show that voice interfaces that reflect a person’s dialect and individual language traits tend to be more effective and this is where voice assistant designers come in.
Their role will be to adapt AI voice platforms to each individual, reproducing an “optimal” dialect and sound that is most enjoyable for each of us.

Happiness assistant

Whether it’s a minimalist design or the Tiny Homes movement, this philosophy of simplicity seems to be gaining popularity. The mission of the “helpers of joy” will be to help individuals make good decisions about the objects that make them happy and to clean up their lives. They’ll also help customers declutter, showing them where to start sorting clothes, papers, oddballs and sentimental items, for example.

Coach in corporate relations

While understanding employee behavior is a challenge, the task will be somewhat easier with the widespread adoption of sensors and biometric technology in the workplace. Using performance data, emotional data and interaction data through cutting-edge biometric technology and personal, environmental and spatial sensors, the role of a relationship advisor will be to analyze employee behavioral data. They will also be responsible for improving employee engagement, productivity and well-being.

Smart home designer

With the rise of home automation technology, those responsible for designing smart homes or connected homes (possessing lighting technologies and automatic features with remote control) will work with architects, engineers and clients to design homes. respectful of aesthetics and the environment. This profession will consist of staying abreast of the latest technological trends and finding original ways to integrate technology into the traditional and contemporary styles of each property.

Algorithm auditor

Given the growing role of artificial intelligence in businesses, it is essential to ensure that the algorithms at the heart of AI are fair, legal, ethical and representative of the values ​​advocated by companies. Algorithm verifiers will examine new and existing applications and systems, recording and tracking each important algorithm, its goals, inputs and outputs, related human value judgments, and consequences. They will also be responsible for establishing compliance guidelines and methodologies that the organization’s employees can easily understand and follow.

Uni4Life Coordinator

This role will consist of using a tool to collect professional data on a person throughout their school career and their career (for example, from LinkedIn) in order to constitute a learning profile. This person will also be able to use predictive algorithms to make recommendations based on job and skills data.

Coordinators will be responsible for guiding assets to the most relevant training courses and helping them choose how to learn, how to manage money, offering personal advice and making sure their learning plans are right for them.

Cyber ​​disaster forecaster

It is increasingly important to understand and predict hacks and virtual attacks in the near future. Governments, industries, societies and individuals will need to protect themselves and become more resilient. A cyber disaster forecaster will be responsible for monitoring, detecting and forecasting cyber threats, and predicting their impact, as well as accurately mapping “cyber uncertainties” and making predictions to prepare for and mitigate them effects.

Esports arena builder

Just like traditional sports fans, esports enthusiasts want to share an experience. Those responsible for design and construction will define all the tasks required to complete their game arenas. They will need to be able to define and manage more specialized operational roles, such as installing meters of specialized cable, installing advanced lighting and electrical systems, or designing high-definition displays that can be sited. ‘adapt to different sizes of audience.

Environmental protection officer

Global warming threatens the world we live in and experts will need to be employed to help mitigate the impact of rising sea levels around the world. The main responsibility of these environmental experts will be the planning and execution of projects that minimize the impact of global warming.

Digital Identity Defender

New technologies are being used more and more to create deeply bogus videos and content on the web, and we’ve already seen how they can literally put words in someone’s mouth. While the results of some of these deep fakes may seem benign, even funny, others could turn out to be apocalyptic. There is currently a need for defensive roles, capable of creating digital watermarks that can be authenticated, and can prove the veracity of information: this will be the responsibility of “digital identity defenders” in the future.

Machine personality designer

These designers will “inject the voice of the customer” into the personality of the machine, capturing the personality of the customer. This role will also include ensuring a consistent brand experience across all automated touchpoints and using an automated interface that encompasses voice, friendliness and humor.

Manager of a virtual reality room

Going forward, virtual reality rooms will offer immersive, high definition and multiplayer experiences. In addition to his other responsibilities, the Director of a Virtual Game Room will manage the room and liaise with the central VR software developers to ensure that the latest and best VR experiences are available and operational at all times. 

Manager of vertical farms

These experts will manage vertical farms and advise consumers so that they can eat healthier and favor short circuits. Consultants will work with local authorities and community leaders to identify optimal locations for agricultural sites within neighborhoods, and train residents on best practices for opening and operating the facility. Their responsibilities will include creating nutritional and educational plans outlining the health benefits of plant-based diets with some recipe ideas.

Responsible for machine risks

AI presents a host of unknown challenges, which machine risk managers will be tasked with managing. This job will consist of managing the potential risks that can arise in the event of failure of intelligent machines, as well as building trust between man and machine and protecting a company’s brand, reputation and finances, by addressing ethical issues.

Responsible for subscriptions and customer service

A subscription management specialist will help advance customer familiarity and loyalty and establish a direct sales channel. The specialist will have to analyze all the situations where customers are in contact with a brand or a company, qualify the emotions involved, then propose a micro-subscription strategy to the company in question.

Designer of flying cars

Aerospace and automotive engineers will work to design cars that can fly. Those with expertise in engineering, software development, aeronautics, battery technologies, materials development, will help move prototypes to the stage of commercial development.

Haptic interface designer

This role involves the use of new materials and the ability to program responsive textures to maximize the impact of awareness campaigns. Haptic interface designers will identify the clothing platforms and touch surfaces that work best for combining and promoting a brand or product.

Chief Corporate Goal Planner

Professionals in this field design, shape and launch specific journeys for companies that wish to differentiate themselves from other organizations by their contribution to society, customers and potential employees. The role will be to help clients define and organize their contribution to society and their purpose for clients and potential employees.

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