Top 30 Horror TV Series To Binge Watch

TV series are a genre that involves more and more people because each episode has a short duration and always keeps the tension high, moreover the possibility of being able to shoot more episodes allows you to better develop the story and also investigate some aspects that may not be found in the films space.

There are many genres to choose from but certainly a special place in the hearts of viewers is reserved for horror series, capable of frightening but at the same time thrilling at any age.

Among the most successful TV series of recent times there is undoubtedly Midnight Mass, written and directed by Mike Flanagan himself who – among others – also brought The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor to Netflix. Horror television products, however, capable of being appreciated by a huge audience – even by those who usually do not approach this type of story – for how they manage to go beyond the genre and talk about issues such as family, community, love and forgiveness.

The best TV series to watch

As in the cinema, even on TV, horror is a genre that has always been very popular, on the various streaming platforms there are in fact many serial products that tell of demons, witches, vampires and monstrous creatures, exploiting the horror mice to develop stories over several episodes and in some cases over several seasons. We have decided to help you in the arduous search for what to see in the catalogs of streaming platforms by gathering in a single ranking the best horror TV series to see absolutely and indicating where to find them.

1. Penny Dreadful

In a Victorian-era London, Sir Malcolm Murray is the main exponent of a secret group that deals with the hunt for monsters, driven by the desire to be able to save his daughter Mina, who has mysteriously disappeared. To help him achieve this goal are Vanessa Ives, beautiful and mysterious who is linked to Malcom by a relationship of love and hatred, and Ethan Chandler, an American noble who fled to England for a mysterious reason.

Over time, Doctor Frankestein, haunted by his creature, and Dorian Gray, also with dark secrets to hide, will join the group. The group will first have to face their own demons to be able to free the city from the looming dark presences and to save their own lives.

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2. The Haunting Of Hill House

The four Crain brothers – eldest son Steven, sister Shirley, other sister Theo and twins Luke and Nell – spend a summer on the Victorian Hill House estate with their parents Olivia and Hugh as children. At the end of that summer, the mother dies in mysterious circumstances, after a series of incidents occurred at home, and the four children attribute the blame to the father even if the police investigations classify the death as suicide.

Years later the four are now adults and each has found his own way even if, each in his own way, all suffer from the traumatic experience of lived as children and have broken off relations with their father. When Nell commits suicide, her funeral becomes an opportunity to come together and face her own ghosts.

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3. Glitch

In Yoorana, a rural Australian town, one night some dead awaken and come out of their graves: they are not zombies but people who have recovered exactly their appearance, the same as they also had from the point of view of age when have passed away. The policeman James and Doctor Elishia witness the scene and decide to take the seven resurrected to an isolated farm, also because among them is the agent’s ex-wife, Kate, who died a few years before of cancer.

Too bad that now the man is married to his best friend Sara and is expecting a child. They soon realize that the resurrected cannot leave the city limits otherwise they dissolve. While James and Elishia investigate, some mysterious presences attempt to eliminate the resurrected.

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4. The Haunting of Bly Manor

The ideal sequel to Hill House, with the same performers and set in the same house but the story is not the same. Little brothers Miles and Flora are orphaned under mysterious circumstances and Uncle Henry takes them into custody and moves them to a Bly Manor family estate where they grow up with their nanny, housekeeper, cook and gardener.

When the nanny Rebecca commits suicide, the problem arises of replacing her and Henry hires Dani Claiton, an American girl on the run to England to forget her boyfriend’s suicide. Dani soon realizes that there are obscure presences at Bly Manor.

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5. Marianne

Emma is a writer of horror novels and has achieved success thanks to fictional stories which, however, find inspiration in the nightmares that haunted her since she was a child.

Once she grew up and moved away from the small town in which she grew up, the nightmares gave her respite but while she writes her latest literary effort she is again assailed by nightmares.

Emma realizes that Marianne, the witch protagonist of all her novels, is persecuting her, and so she decides to abandon writing forever.

The visit of a childhood friend of hers, whom she has not seen for many years and who says unexpected things to her, pushes her to return to her hometown to be able to understand who Marianne really is and why you persecute her.

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6. The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes is the sheriff of an American citizen who, after a car accident, ends up in a coma. Upon awakening several weeks earlier, he realizes that the world has completely changed.

The virus that before his accident was kept under control by the health authorities, is now spreading all over the world and the infected, hungry for human flesh, are hunting for those who have not yet been infected.

Rick, thanks to his military training, manages to reach the woods where he finds his family and some friends, who have taken refuge there so as not to be killed.

Together they will try to survive but they will realize that the enemy is not represented only by the infected but also by the other survivors, willing to do anything to keep themselves alive, even at the expense of those who managed to escape the infection.

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7. Dark

In Winden, a German town that revolves around its nuclear power plant, a little boy disappears in 2019 and at the same time strange episodes occur such as the death of entire flocks of birds or sudden electrical surges.

The sheriff of the city realizes that the events that are taking place are very similar to those of 1986, exactly 33 years earlier, when it was his brother who disappeared at the time thirteen and of whom nothing has ever been known.

Past, present and future begin to intertwine and it turns out that nothing is as it seems and above all that the four prominent families of the city have intertwined connections that no one would have suspected.

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8. American Horror Story

The series has an anthological development, so each series tells a story in itself, with different characters and settings, but all united by the mystery and the presence of evil monsters who try to kill the protagonists.

The stories end season after season and has so excited the audience that the most famous actors have competed to be able to participate in one of them.

Among the stories told are those of a murderous house, of a freak circus (in the Freak Show season, acclaimed by all as the favorite), of asylums, of witches (in the third season Coven, considered one of the most beautiful of the entire anthology).

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9. The Strain

This TV series was written and produced by Guillermo del Toro and is a series halfway between horror and fantasy. In New York, an airplane that was not supposed to land at this airport requires an urgent landing: after the permission granted, the operations staff are faced with an unusual situation, with all the lights off and the doors of the aircraft locked. Once opened, the situation that arises is tragic: everyone is dead and there are only 4 survivors.

Ephraim Goodweather, a very famous epidemiologist, is contacted to investigate as the authorities, based on the testimonies of the survivors, think it is an unknown virus. So the corpses are taken to the morgues but one by one they begin to disappear: the dead awaken and begin to spread the virus throughout the territory of New York.

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10. The Exorcist

Inspired by the 1973 film of the same name, in its two seasons the series tells the story of Angela Rance who lives quietly with her husband and two daughters.

Suddenly, however, a demonic presence takes possession of her daughter’s soul , at least this is believed by the two Catholic priests Marcus Keane and Father Ortega who decide to exorcise her. It turns out that Angela, in fact, has a different name and changed her name after she was herself the victim of a possession and its exorcism at the age of 16. The devil, therefore, seems to persecute his family and does not want to abandon it: but why?

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11. The Purge

The TV series is inspired by the film of the same name which gave life to a complete series of cinematographic films. In an America of the not too distant future, the government has decided to institute the anniversary of the outburst once a year:

For one night, for exactly 12 hours, anyone will be able to vent their anger on anyone who comes under fire, killing, torturing, committing all sorts of crimes with the guarantee of not suffering any punishment.

The night of the release is the only one in which crimes can be committed. In a small town in the US province, the series follows the events of some characters who only apparently have no ties to each other and who on the night of the Vent will find themselves dealing with their past and fighting to save their lives.

12. Midnight Mass

Let’s continue this list with the aforementioned Midnight Mass, directed by Mike Flanagan and with a cast that boasts among its members names such as Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Kristin Lehman, Rahul Kohli, Henry Thomas and Hamish Linklater. The story opens with the return home to tiny Crockett Island of Riley Flynn, a boy who spent four years in prison after running over and killing a young woman. Together with him, however, a young and fascinating pastor also arrives in Crockett, Father Paul Hill, who comes to replace the old Monsignor but who – in addition to bringing with him a large chest with a mysterious content – has very particular plans for his new faithful. Midnight Mass disturbs one of the best known creatures of cinema and horror literature to talk about faith, community and above all about forgiveness.

13. Servant

In our list of the best horror series to see we absolutely cannot fail to include Servant, considered among the best (and undoubtedly most enigmatic) Apple TV + products. Created by Tony Basgallop and with several episodes directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Servant follows a pair of parents, Dorothy and Sean Turner (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) who have recently lost their first child, Jericho.

Dorothy, who fell into a state of extreme depression after the death of her baby, has somehow overcome the pain of what happened with the help of a reborn doll, which she treats as if it were her baby. With the arrival in the Turner house of a young, but very particular, babysitter (Nell Tiger Free), things are turned upside down for the couple again: one morning, instead of the reborn doll.

14. Hemlock Grove

Set in the imaginary town of Hemlock Grove, after a series of bloody and heinous murders we discover that the perpetrators could be Peter Rumancek (Landon Liboiron), a werewolf who has just arrived in town, or Roman (Bill Skarsgård), the scion of a prestigious local family. The two boys, who however declare themselves innocent, find themselves investigating the case together, wondering if another bloodthirsty creature may have arrived in the city. In the cast, in addition to Skarsgård and Liboiron, also Famke Janssen and Penelope Mitchell.

15. The Terror

Two ships of the British navy, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, navigate uncharted territories in search of the northwest passage, but soon become completely blocked in the ice, forcing the sailors to survive in extreme climatic conditions. Then, when some strange events begin to make the survivors’ hours even more difficult, resisting the cold will become almost impossible.

These are the premises of the first season of The Terror, based on the historical / horror novel by Dan Simmons The disappearance of the Erebus. The second season, on the other hand, completely changes theme, setting and characters, telling a story set during the Second World War: a series of violent and mysterious deaths hit a Japanese-American community and a boy will try to fight the entity that is responsible for it.

16. Locke & Key

After a troubled genesis, finally this year the television adaptation of the comic created by Joe Hill (stage name of Stephen King‘s son) and Gabriel Rodriguez has seen the light. The story, poised between fantasy and horror, is that of the three Locke brothers who move with their mother from Seattle to the Key House, paternal home in Lovecraft, a fictional town in Massachusetts, after the mysterious murder of their father.

17. Ratched

In theory, it would be a thriller- origin story of the nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but the touch of “American Horror Story dad” Ryan Murphy is felt everywhere, especially in the taste for the most heinous details.

18. Lore

Lore is a series with an original character, released by Amazon Prime Video in 2017. It was produced by the creators of The Walking Dead and The X-Files, narrated by Aaron Mahnke, creator of the eponymous podcast. In each episode, true stories with a paranormal background are told. A great peculiarity is the representation of folklore, a theme often ignored in horror production in recent years. In fact, legends of vampires, werewolves and spirits are told. The drawings, illustrations and captions have an instructive purpose: in fact, you can learn numerous anecdotes about the origins of myths and legends. It is a series full of novelties, especially in the first season.

19. Bates Motel

Bates Motel, prequel to Psycho, is a TV series released in 2013 and ended in 2017. A series definitely worth watching: even in this case, the real horror is hidden in the human mind. Following the death of their father, Norman and his mother move to Oregon to start a new life. Too bad that, little by little, the boy will begin to lose his mind. All this mainly due to the mother and family problems that will make them sink more and more. Bates Motel has been a great success right up to the end and has managed to thrill millions of viewers. A very stressful TV series even on a psychological level.

20. The Third Day

Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in one of the hardest series to tag this season, and they are with two parallel stories connected through a tragedy and a mysterious island cut off from the rest of the world. The one proposed by The Third Day is pure psychological terror: it plays with the perception of both the protagonists and the spectators, making both believe that everything is an illusion, but leaving the feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

21. Dracula

Okay, the ending may not be the best, but this is a great version of the classic vampire story. Dracula starts from the days of Bram Stoker‘s book, following a millennial vampire who dreams of traveling to England to find new victims, but an encounter with Van Helsing ends up changing his plans and, after losing the battle, he awakens hundreds of years in the future in a world that does not recognize but offers thousands of new possibilities.

22. Omniscient

Produced in Brazil, the series is set in a future where people are monitored 24 hours a day. Taking advantage of this, a tech specialist must use all resources to solve a brutal murder before it’s too late. The series shows us what could happen if we lived in a world without privacy and how that would affect our entire lives.

23. Them

It’s 1953 in Los Angeles and a black family has just moved to a new neighborhood. The neighborhood seems off-putting since they are the only black family in a suburb populated by whites. But it’s not just a race difference, as the family soon learns about the secret and sinister intentions behind such a place. Created by Little Marvin (The Time Is Now), this otherworldly social horror stars Deborah Ayorinde, Ashley Thomas and Shahadi Wright Joseph.

24. The Outsider

The series based on Stephen King’s novel was one of the best horror series of the year and was designed to make you doubt what you think you know in order to make you guess, theorize and scare you all at the same time. Cynthia Erivo, Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn star in this series that follows a cop, investigator and lawyer who must work together to uncover the real culprit in the brutal murder of a child, which is not what it seems.

25. Black mirror

Terror must evolve and Black Mirror puts it right in the digital age, telling stories of how technology can be our destruction if we aren’t careful and set limits. Each chapter tells a different story which, while being fictional, is terrifyingly real.

26. Lovecraft Country

Supernatural terror and social terror. Lovecraft Country is a terrifying journey into a world filled with terrifying creatures and mysterious outlets from HP Lovecraft’s books, but also in a social context marked by racism and violence, which becomes even darker than the supernatural elements of the story, black magic and bloody scenes. The series takes us to reflect on racism, inequality and privilege while telling a fantastic story with time travel, satanic rituals and stolen bodies.

27. Alfred Hitchcock presents

To understand where the horror genre is coming from on the small screen, it’s time to revise its classics. Cinema and series are often the face of the same coin. Adored filmmaker, master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock was also one of the first directors to come and have fun on American television.

Appearing on the screen to the sound of “La Marche funèbre d’une marionnette” by Charles Gounod and launching his thunderous “Good evening”, the man and his shadowy figure, recognizable among a thousand, exposes with a very British humor the prologues and epilogues of each surprising story, often including a final twist, from this anthology series. Alfred Hitchcock presents consists of no less than 7 seasons of 38 or 39 episodes of 26 minutes. The filmmaker himself made 18.

28. Hannibal

After the cult film The Silence of the Lambs and its derivatives in the cinema, it was believed that the character of the serial killer Hannibal Lecter, imagined by the novelist Thomas Harris in 1981 in Red Dragon, had revealed all his secrets. Bryan Fuller has dissuaded us from the contrary by entrusting the title role of his series to the Danish Mads Mikkelsen and by offering a fascinating psychological face-to-face with a brilliant and tortured profiler, Will Graham (played by Hugh Dancy).

Add to that Gillian Anderson as Hannibal’s shrink and an achievement so sublime that the sophisticated killer’s cannibalistic dishes turn mouth-watering, and you have the finest and creepiest series to ever feature a serial killer. Not to mention a tasty homoerotic subtext between Graham and Lecter. Fans of the series, which only lasted three short seasons, still haven’t recovered from its cancellation, nor its creators. Regularly, rumors of revival stir the Internet.

29. Channel Zero

With his horrific anthology, showrunner Nick Antosca brings creepy past as back to life, these freaking urban legends born on the Internet. The screenwriter cultivates more unease and anguish than pure horror, through a haunted show, a labyrinthine house, a family of cannibals or a portal to an alternate reality. A disturbing work filled with macabre poetry, somewhere at the crossroads of the imagination of Tim Burton and nightmarish visions like the Slender Man.

30. Masters of Horror 

Although short, the horrific anthology of Mick Garris marked the spirits between 2005 and 2007. With The Masters of Horror, the showrunner proposes an ambitious and attractive concept: to offer a medium of expression to the greatest directors of genre( Dario Argento, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, John Carpenter, Joe Dante or Guillermo del Toro) through a horror series where each director has carte blanche. Sometimes gory, terrifying or simply uneasy, the episodes of the Masters of Horror have marked a whole generation of series fans, by creating bridges between the big and small screen.

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