25 Best Horror Movies You Must Watch Right Now

Who said that the horror genre is no longer what it used to be? After a period of adjustment in which few movies managed to arouse real interest, in recent years we have witnessed a cinematic renaissance of the genre. Thanks to some young directors who have upset and overturned the rules, giving new life to scary films.

But also thanks to some more mainstream titles which have managed to involve the general public proving to be unprecedented successes. And even the criticism, in recent times, has rewarded the novelties of the genre. There is no need to go around it: horror is experiencing a new golden age, ideal for all thrill seekers, whether in a movie theater or at home. So why not take the opportunity to rediscover the titles that have revived the genre?

Between niche works and successful franchise chapters, here are the best recent horror films to see (in alphabetical order and with trailers) to wander without limits within nightmares.

A Classic Horror Story 

The duo of Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli create a Netflix original film that demonstrates their directorial talent. A Classic Horror Story, as the title suggests, is based on the stereotypes of the genre, setting the story in a Calabria where the legend of Osso, Mastrosso and Carcagnosso gives life to a local folk horror.

A plot twist positioned at the right moment overturns the entire film, which becomes a reflection on the genre. Destined to make its audience discuss and divide, A Classic Horror Story remains a courageous and rebellious product that deserves a vision, demonstrating the need for horror cinema. Also thanks to a truly phenomenal Matilda Lutz.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 

A truly remarkable debut that of Ana Lily Amirpour who with A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night catapulted us into a vampire story set in Iran. The film follows an unnamed vampire who meets a local young man named Arash. Shot in eerie black and white, the film is a variation on vampire stories, sometimes romantic and sometimes raw. The strength, in addition to the direction of the young director, lies in the setting and the atmosphere that reigns throughout the film. To be recovered and discovered absolutely.

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A Quiet Place

A real case of A Quiet Place, a small film directed and starring John Krasinski starring his wife Emily Blunt. We are in a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has been decimated by blind monsters, but with hypersensitive hearing. It is therefore necessary not to make the slightest noise, a real challenge for the protagonist, about to give birth. The film perfectly manages tension and suspense through silence, re-appropriating those characteristics of silent cinema. A success rewarded by the public and which gave life to a second chapter to be released in the cinema shortly.

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Jennifer Kent’s directorial debut is a horror film capable of entering the collective imagination thanks to a nursery rhyme and a monster capable of frightening its viewers. Babadook is one of the few gems of recent horror cinema, capable of combining pure thrilling entertainment with a metaphor that elevates its content. The protagonists, a widowed mother and an orphaned child, will have to try to defeat this fearsome black creature that never stops tormenting them. The film tells the struggle with this elaboration of mourning, becoming a deep and decidedly interesting black fairy tale.

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If you want to try a real sensory experience, Climax is the film for you. Directed by Gaspar Noé, a provocative director who tries to take the language of cinema to the extreme, this tour de force set in a warehouse in which a group of dancers is drugged and hallucinated transports the viewer inside. Between music, sex and blood, Climax is an inexorable descent into the human abyss. Among the protagonists Sofia Boutella. An unforgettable film for strong stomachs.

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Fear Street

A very special experiment suitable for a younger audience target. The Fear Street trilogy, taken from a series of short stories by RL Stine, the creator of Goosebumps, is a double journey back in time. Both from the narrative point of view (the three chapters are called, in order, 1994, 1978, 1666, corresponding to the years in which the story takes place) and as a journey within the horror genre.

It starts from the teen horror of Fear Street: 1994, and then echoes the atmosphere of the more classic slasher of the seventies and eighties (citing Friday the 13th) in 1978, up to the gothic in costume of the third and final 1666. The story tells of a curse that has hit the town of Shadyside through the years and centuries.

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Goodnight Mommy

Little known to most, this Austrian horror film is a nice little gem to rediscover: Goodnight Mommy tells the story of a celebrity, mother of two children, who undergoes a major cosmetic surgery. His face is entirely covered with bandages, only his eyes remain visible. Once back home, the children begin to doubt that the person under the bandages is their real mother, also due to very different behaviors than usual. The film knows how to create the right tension and, until the end, manages to involve (and obviously frighten) the viewer. 

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Ari Aster’s feature film debut is such a masterpiece. Hereditary begins as a drama film and then piles up layer upon layer of everything we want from horror cinema. A family mourning and the Grahams’ life begins to break apart little by little. We do not want to spoil this exceptional film with a perfect plot full of twists and that offers some of the most chilling moments in modern horror.

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A gigantic proceeds for the first part of the film adaptation of Stephen King‘s masterpiece. IT by Andres Muschietti has succeeded in the incredible feat of making a good film transposition of the first half of the novel, the one dedicated to the children of Derry. If the 1990 television miniseries remains a cult with some problems, this film has on its side the ability to thrill the general public thanks to a cast of well-blended kids (including faces already known with Stranger Things and new discoveries such as the exceptional Sophia Lillis ) and a truly creepy Pennywise.

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It Comes at Night

An atypical horror this It Comes at Night, but which seems to stage a world – alas – familiar to us. A strange epidemic has forced people to isolate themselves in order to try to survive. Paul (Joel Edgerton) and his family live alone until they find a man inside the house. It will be the beginning of a revolution in their daily lives that could lead to tragic changes in the balance. The film focuses on paranoia and lack of trust, managing to create doubts and being unpredictable. Until an ending that is not easily forgotten.

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It Follows

It Follows is one of those more recent horror films that manage to be critically acclaimed and, at the same time, play through real fears. David Robert Mitchell’s film follows the story of some boys who are obsessively followed by a strange identity, a metaphor for sexually transmitted diseases. Able to play very well with tension by outlining a monster that, at a slow and relentless pace, reaches the victims, It Follows is yet another recent gem to be seen absolutely.

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The invisible man

Speaking of great classics, Leigh Whannel and Elisabeth Moss perform a real miracle in bringing back to the cinema one of the most famous characters of horror cinema: the invisible man. In this updated version, the invisible man becomes a symbol of the man who persecutes, by stalking, the protagonist. Capable of playing great with suspense and action, The Invisible Man of 2020 is a great film capable of bringing the horror genre back to its most interesting form.

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One of the most interesting and extreme directors of French cinema, that is Pascal Laugier, author of the shocking Martyrs, will put you to the test with Ghostland. With a superfine visual structure, this unsettling film tells the story of a girl who is taken prisoner by a woman and a man who force her to become a living doll to play with. Baroque and extreme, Ghostland is also often remembered for the incident that occurred to the leading actress during the filming phase, leaving her face disfigured. 

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After a fulminant debut, Ari Aster manages to outdo himself with Midsommar – Village of the Damned. If Hereditary was set in the gloomy domestic walls, Midsommar instead takes us to the Swedish fields in the sunlight. A local folklore summer party turns into a hallucinogenic nightmare where the protagonist, played by Florence Pugh, will have no way out. Rarefied yet frightening, Midsommar is a real masterpiece of the genre to be seen absolutely, even in full version.

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Still on the subject of directors who know how to confirm their talent, we cannot fail to mention Jordan Peele’s second work. Noi continues the discourse started with Escape – Get Out, in a highly political and social horror once again focused on racism and the marginalized. With a constant rhythm, Noi knows how to involve and disturb the viewer, also thanks to a textbook soundtrack. To underline the extraordinary performance of Lupita Nyong’o.

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This French horror, directed by Julia Ducournau, is a real misunderstood gem worth rediscovering. Justine is a young medical student with a dream of becoming a veterinarian. Victim of hazing, due to an initiation rite, she is forced to eat raw meat. From that moment her life will change and her shy character will not prevent her from trespassing more and more into the desire for cannibalism. Tough, violent, uncanny, with some really strong sequences, Raw is for strong stomachs. Besides Tv Horror series you can watch this movie and you will not regret.

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Saint Maud

Very recent released, Saint Maud is one of last year’s revelation films. Maud is a young nurse with a rare religious fervor. By bonding with a terminally ill patient she cares for, Maud believes she can save her through acts of faith that soon become the consequence of an ever-growing obsession. We are on the side of psychological horror, the one that works on the mind and not on the brutality of images, and consequently less explicit.

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Get Out

Jordan Peele was born as an actor and comic writer and it is therefore surprising to see that, for his first film in the control room, he decided to focus on the horror genre. Completely winning the bet. Get Out uses American racism to stage a distressing and, at the same time, over the top story in which a family of white Americans find themselves obsessed with the blood of African Americans. A real revelation that allowed Peele to win the Oscar for best original screenplay.

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Replicating the style and tones of Dario Argento’s masterpiece would have been counterproductive. And Luca Guadagnino knows well that for his Suspiria he has embraced the more authorial and less gore horror (although some bloody scenes are present). This remake that smacks of thematic reinterpretation is one of the bravest films of recent years: delicate, sweet yet perverse. With an ending capable of being discussed and controversial, but also of remaining unforgettable. Thom Yorke’s soundtrack accompanies the over two hours of film with great class.

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The Conjuring

The universe of The Conjuring, born from the James Wan film of the same name, is one of the flagship mainstream products of the horror genre of recent years. We have chosen to mention The Conjuring – The Enfield case, the second chapter of the main saga starring the couple of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, because it is a horror capable of encompassing everything you like about the genre. Terror, spirits, possessions, mythology, but also romanticism marry perfectly in a monstrous film lasting over two hours, a resounding success at the box office.

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The Lighthouse

Robert Eggers’ second film also seems to belong to another era. In an alienating black and white and square format, The Lighthouse tells of two men (Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson) who are forced to remain on an island as lighthouse keepers. Between seagulls and lovecraftian sea monsters, loneliness and alcohol will transform an already difficult coexistence into a real nightmare. Getting lost in The Lighthouse means entering a very special world, which recalls the atmosphere of Eraserhead and the classic stories of terror.

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The Neon Demon

Nicolas Winding Refn struggling with fashion, witches and mysterious rites. The Neon Demon, as the title suggests, is a mystery that accompanies the viewer’s senses in a magical dimension. The story of a young model, played by Elle Fanning, who moves to Los Angeles and is immediately noticed because of her incredible beauty. Her life turns into a neon nightmare when jealousy arises among her colleagues. At first simple glance, the film gradually becomes more and more horrifying, highlighting a glossy, pop and perhaps even ancestral terror.

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The Visit

It was the film of the great return to the atmosphere that best identified M. Night Shyamalan, after the unfortunate Hollywood blockbuster interlude. The Visit is shot in a mockumentary style, that is, like a fake documentary, and tells the story of two young brothers who have to spend a week at their grandparents’ house. But in that house there are mysteries that will begin to scare the two protagonists: perhaps the grandparents are hiding something. With a big final twist, The Visit is absolutely a horror movie to watch.

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The Witch

When we talk about the rebirth of the horror genre we can only refer to a film like The Witch, the most recent horror film that we recommend to see. Robert Eggers’ debut set the stage for a new wave of young directors influenced by this film with Anya Taylor-Joy.

Set in seventeenth-century New England, The Witch tells the story of a family who moves to the countryside, on the edge of a wood where a witch appears to be present. Shot in natural light and performed in Old English, The Witch is an unforgettable film, a masterpiece capable of revolutionizing the horror genre with its style. The final liberating minutes will haunt the viewer for some time.

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Train to Busan

A small pearl that comes from South Korea, Train to Busan evokes the zombie movie with a film with a high adrenaline rate. The spread of an epidemic that turns people into ravenous zombies pushes the protagonist Seok-woo to try to survive with his daughter during a journey in a public train, while they are headed to Busan. Resounding success at home and around the world, Train to Busan has started a real saga consisting of an animated prequel, entitled Seoul Station, and the very recent sequel Peninsula.

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