23 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Warm And Cozy

The house is the special sanctuary to take refuge after a long day of work. That special place to share with friends and family. Whether it’s winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. Every successful cozy home has a few special touches in common. That is why it is important to know those little details of furniture or design that can make the difference between a cozy home and a catalog one. One of those that make you feel in your special place.

The colder months, the winter weather is a physical and emotional challenge for most of us. Between the cold, the gray and the frost, we spend more time at home. 
This is why it is important to make sure that your home is a welcoming and warm place by choosing the right furniture and decorations. How to make your interior cozy and comfortable? We offer you 20 tips that are easy to implement.

10 ways to make your home cozy and warm

A welcoming home is a nest of comfort and peace that immediately puts us at peace with ourselves when we return after a long day of work, or (more simply) the refuge to devote ourselves to relaxation and our passions. Of course, making a good impression on visitors is also important in talking about us and welcoming friends and relatives in the best possible way.

The colors of a comfortable home

Even if you opt for white ceilings and walls you can still get a very comfortable final result. In fact, now that you have an uncluttered frame in front of you, you can indulge yourself with the hints of color in the furniture, playing with contrast with the whiteness of the walls.

If you prefer to paint the walls, you can opt for variations of blue to create a friendly yet relaxing atmosphere for everyone – even the guests. Blue welcomes you to any room, adding a delightful touch to rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms. Also great in the kitchen and bathroom!

The carpets of a cozy home

One of the simplest tricks for creating a cozy home? You probably already know it, but the importance of carpets is worth mentioning. Warm, soft and comfortable. If the floors in your home are mostly made of wood or tiles, the rug is the perfect complement to add a touch of color and warmth.

A soft, neatly folded blanket on the sofa

You have created the living room of your dreams starting from excerpts of furniture catalogs, images taken from your projects. Maybe from what you already have available. Something is missing, however. Something that really makes you feel at home when you sit on the sofa. The cover you use in the evening when you indulge in a good book or a bit of a TV series shouldn’t be detached from the rest of the decor. It really should be part of it.

There is nothing more beautiful than entering your living room and finding our blanket, neatly folded over the arm of the sofa, ready to wrap us in its warm embrace. In winter you can opt for soft fabrics such as cashmere or fleece, while in summer, for those slightly gloomy days, you can opt for cotton.

There is nothing wrong with adding a touch of comfort to your furniture: quite the contrary! It will give the sofa a lived-in, happy look, ready to welcome you.

Pillows for a cozy home

If there is one thing that cannot be missing in a cozy home, it is the pillows. Whatever color goes with curtains, blankets and rugs, pillows are a boon. In addition to giving you the impression of sitting on a sofa made of clouds, they will create a very special three-dimensionality and comfort. The cushions are a winning piece of furniture because they are easily replaced and are perfect for any season. An excellent idea, for example, is to use velvet for the cold seasons. For warm ones, linen and cotton are perfect, removing that opulent feeling that seems like a winter home must.

Plants and flowers: a must!

The plants are perfect all year round. They add a lively, intense and natural note to all green-fingered homes. Choose plants you love or know you can easily maintain. Evaluate the lighting, the position of the sun during the day and place them strategically so that they can remain healthy even out of season. Supermarkets often offer a large selection of plants and flowers that no one wants to adopt because they look a little withered. The truth is, they just need a little bit of care and a loving home!

The textures of a cozy home

The textures are very important to create a cozy effect at home. The wicker, for example, is the perfect solution for furnishing elements that heat the environment. Even natural fiber rugs or linen baskets can give that extra touch to a room that is otherwise too cold.

What to hang on the wall: prints and personal touches

The walls, even if white, can be tinged with colors and memories thanks to the power of prints and photos. Displaying almost, works, works and snapshots of your favorite holidays is a way to personalize and make the space unique.

Books: the quintessence of a welcoming home

Books are a universe to sink your nose into as soon as you get the chance. That’s why the scent of paper is as inviting as that of a cozy home. It gives us the impression of having arrived in a place that welcomes! The books are well everywhere: in the kitchen, on the bedside tables, stacked beside the bed. If you don’t know how to furnish a shelf, put some books in it!

The perfect coffee area for a cozy home

The essence of life, of awakening in the morning, of holidays but also of working days. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up early and having a coffee. As much as it may seem like a waste of space, if you have the opportunity you can create a coffee corner equipped with mocha, machine and all the accessories to serve cappuccinos and other delights. Welcome your guests with a mini coffee area ready to put a steaming elixir in the cup: they will all feel at home in no time.

The scent of home

What is the scent of your home? Only you can know. Almost like Proust’s madeleine, the house has the scent of time that we like to consider past, but not lost. Candles, essential oils, perfumers, are all elements that can help us to give a welcoming and delicious aroma to the rooms of the house. The speakers are of incredible furniture: some are even beautiful to see. Their secret, however, is the scent they can give off. The often overlooked smell of home is an irrefutable element for the welcoming space.

7 ways to make your home cozy for the winter

But how do you make a house welcoming by creating an atmosphere? We have put together for you a series of tips and creative ideas to make furniture rich in warmth and give a touch to the house, a series of simple and trendy interior design tips really available to everyone!

Close the blinds and curtains

Pulling the curtains helps keep the air warm inside your home, and will provide a cocoon effect for the grayest days. Cold windows are not very pleasant at all, so covering them with drapes or blinds is a first step in warming the atmosphere.

Cover up

Invest in a few rugs or blankets for your living room. Snuggling up under a blanket after a cold day is the perfect way to warm up. This tip will also save you money on your heating bill.

Create corners

Large spaces can be cold and uninviting, so arrange small nooks with your furniture to create a relaxing atmosphere. You could create a reading nook with a large comfortable armchair, or perhaps make a small nest of sofas and cushions for your living room? 

Get into the spirit of the season

Take to the stove to create a cozy atmosphere by baking cookies or making hot chocolate. You can also make soup or bake bread.

Adapt your furniture

Leather sofas, plastic chairs and glass tables are “cold” pieces of furniture. Instead, choose fabric sofas or decorate with cushions, or soft rugs for a cozy universe. 

Think about the lighting

The candles create a warm light, and warm the atmosphere. If you have children, opt instead for small lamps distributed here and there in your living room. You can also experiment with dimmers which provide a dim, more comforting light.

Decorate with warm colors

Decorating your home in shades of gold, brown, red and orange will create a feeling of coziness and warmth. With these colors you will be in the perfect mood for winter!

6 ideas to make your home comfortable

Creating a welcoming home is a combination of style, flair and your attitude. To get started, create a space that has your personality for guests to think of you. Your space should be an expansion of who you are as a person. You can also create a good atmosphere for your guests so that they feel welcome. Finally, you can put yourself in your guests’ shoes to think about what would make them comfortable in your home.

Start with the entrance!

The first impression is what matters, and when it comes to making the house welcoming from the entrance, well … there is nothing more true! Taking care of the atrium furnishings as much as possible is a bit like presenting your taste for interior design to someone who is coming to visit you for the first time.

There are many ways to go about preparing the entrance to the house, but it takes very little to make it more welcoming. A welcome plaque to hang on the wall, for example, is an always elegant little detail to create an atmosphere and make the entrance of the house welcoming.

Adequate lighting also helps make your hall more lively, but (above all) don’t overlook the details! A colorful umbrella stand, a small bench, a hanger with a curious design or made by yourself: essential furniture for the entrance and which will help make the home welcoming with simplicity and naturalness.

Create an atmosphere in your home with the right lighting

A cozy house is also a house that manages to surprise you with its brightness! Let’s start with natural light: enhance it by using light curtains or (if you like the North European style) decorate the window sills leaving the windows completely free of curtains. Remember that the colors of the walls and furniture (especially in a neutral palette) also help to amplify the brightness of the house.

If you are looking for tips on how to make your home comfortable, remember that artificial light also helps to create an atmosphere inside the house. Table lamps and chandeliers are essential accessories to create plays of light and shadows capable of sublimating the corners of the house and transforming it into an even more beautiful nest to live in.

All the charm of lanterns and an intimate and pleasant atmosphere

Speaking of lighting: how to create an atmosphere in the house with lanterns? These decorative accessories are essential to give a warm and enveloping atmosphere to the environment. Candles are magic and emotion, and a house lit by the dim light of a candle is even more beautiful, intimate, absolutely scenographic.

But the lanterns, especially if they are large, can also be used as accessories to be decorated in a thousand different ways and transformed into real pieces of furniture. Or, why not use them as an elegant support for essence diffusers or home fragrances? Floral scents help create comfort and relaxation in a welcoming, self-respecting home.

Color and warmth! All the softness of poufs

Furnishing with ottomans allows you to add color and softness throughout the house and with a very minimal investment. We are actually talking about accessories that are practical and able to give the furniture an edge making a home really welcoming with very little effort.

The variety of colors and shapes of ottomans available in the market allows you to play with the palette and create combinations to suit your favorite furnishing styles. During the winter, therefore, the poufs are a certainty: combined with comfortable cushions, blankets and footrests, they will transform the living room into a small paradise of softness, an oasis of relaxing comfort to relax and spend time. in the company of your loved ones.

An even more welcoming home thanks to the fireplace

Those lucky enough to own a fireplace will already know for sure that this decorative element is a real panacea for the living room, an accessory that can change the face of the living room with its presence. A lit fireplace in winter is an inexhaustible source of magic and creates a warm atmosphere throughout the house. But a fireplace can also be decorated in summer or spring, decorated with extinguished (or colored) wood, garlands or plant pots and catch the eye of your guests.

You don’t have a fireplace but don’t want to give up the magic of this accessory? In our online store you will find a selection of decorative fireplace frames, elegant faux fireplaces to arrange in your home and furnish as you wish to create an atmosphere and make your home even more welcoming and “warm”.

An even more lively house with photos and paintings on the walls

Sometimes you don’t have to come up with great tricks to amaze those who come to visit you for the first time. Simplicity and banality are not at all costs synonymous: to make the house welcoming, very little is enough. Think about the walls in your home and the many ways to decorate them!

Nobody likes bare walls: why not make them more colorful and warm with photos or prints? Even hanging photos creating original and dynamic compositions is a good way to give movement to an anonymous wall and turn it into a corner dedicated to memories, definitely more personal and able to make the whole house even more welcoming!

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